Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My New Address--Vista, CA 92081

Jody is getting ready to start teaching history to her high school students...I'll sure miss her help and most of all her company. One week ago I moved to Vista, CA., so I could be near Project Walk in Carlsbad. It's a safe place and I am very fortunate to be able to live here and continue to work towards walking again. I moved into an on my own for the first time since my can be a little challenging, and lonely, but I have Wilbur and there are such great people who I've met through Project Walk who are in the same boat as me. There are a few who can get out and ride handcycles together on the weekends...even though I've only gotten out ONCE for a ride!...wanting to turn the light switch on downstairs (legs) it is sometimes difficult to get motivated to handcycle...but it would be good for me to get outside. There are a few things I need to learn how to do on my own: Firstly, I need to learn how to load the H-cycle into the van, get on it to ride and off, and re-load back into the van myself...I have the will, so there must be a way. There is another fellow who's SCI, Van, who mentioned he could teach me how to do all the bet is on...maybe next weekend I can get out and cycle! Project Walk has been keeping me busy with exercising and recovery days...instructor Jason Smith (x-bodybuilder) say's he can feel the subtle improvements I am making!! "The nerve pain is all part of it", he say's....and, "remember to take it easy on yourself, rest when your body tells you to". Jason's a very unassuming quiet fellow, who's serious about his work...I'm lucky to have him work with me for part of the time I'm at PW. For the past two nights my nerve pain has been different...I HAVEN'T been able to sleep for the first time in along time...the throbbing is mostly in my hips...after finally falling to sleep at 6am I rested until 12 noon!! I hate it, I feel my day is gone....and so does Wilbur! Poor Wilbur he wants to go out and romp! Okay, we are on our way just now to the park!
Onward!! kelley

P.S. It is hard to think about myself when the world feels like it is falling a part around us....flooding in Pakistan! Haiti! the Gulf waters! I am so grateful for my life and what I've gotten to experience in it. I have a girl friend, Stephanie Pope who has been battling a brain tumor that is inoperable...I ask you all to please send her healing prayers. And to Help Steph with medical costs--a beautiful necklace, Love Whole Heart Pendant has been made (by Ashley Bennett Stoddard) benefiting Stephanie.

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My prayers are with you Stephanie...I think about you everyday, and I pray for peace and strength. I Love you, kelley