Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy Peaceful New Year

It's X-Mas Eve... I've been meaning to write long ago.... My Mom Lee arrived the first part of November, and it has been such a blessing for me, for all her help is extremely appreciated, as is her company.... especially around the Holidays.

My progress at Project Walk is what I expected....Slow-but-Steadily and moving forward. It's true, really each time I go my instructor Jason and I notice an improvement! He also sends me home with extreme nerve pain for the rest of that day and the next!....But thank Goddess I feel something and I am moving forward.

On another positive note I have found a wonderful doctor. Dr. Suzy Kim -- she's with the Irvine Medical Center. Her website:
Dr. Kim has been spinal cord injured since '97, from a boogie boarding accident at Newport Beach. She understands my issues and is proactive in my case. For those who are spinal cord injured and reading my blog: "Neurogenic" bladder issues....I was going every hour!! Dr. Kim prescribed Ditropan to help control the number of times I go, and possibly help with the nerve pain too. So far it seems to be helping some what with the number of times I go, but my nerve pain is still something I have to deal with 24/7. I am also hoping Dr. Kim can help me with acquiring a standing's a wheelchair you "pump-up" to a standing position and for weight-bearing.

"Christmas is a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved."
Thinking about you all and Wishing you Warm and Happy Blessings on the Wind for the New Year! ~kk & wilbur
p.s. Thank you Heather B Freer for checking in and sending strength and love.

Monday, November 1, 2010

new wheelchair

It has been crazy, my nerve pain has been friggin out of control. At night I haven't been able to sleep...which is very different, I am usually able to sleep. This might be a good sign my pain is changing, with different sensations, a little bit more of a quad contraction...??? It is hard to know what is going on with the electrical cords running through my body...I do know there has been small improvements and the pain wipes me out! It's hard to keep up on the laundry, cleaning house, bathing or preparing's nice to have a Trader Joes near by!'s on the way home from Project Walk. Wilbur and I have been on our own for three months and for the most part we're doing okay, and that makes me feel proud and not so dependent. Our highlight is going to the park, being outside in the sun. Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to Project Walk for 4 hours. I try to get their an hour early to ride the FES bike (Functional Electrical Stimulation – it sends small electrical pulses to paralyzed muscles to restore or improve their function) then work with the trainers for 2 hours and stay another hour for standing or core work. Wed and Fridays are recovery days. If I am not too wiped out, on Saturday I try to get into PW to ride the FES bike and other workout stuff I can do on my own.

Barb Cartwright, a girl friend I have known as long as Julie Munger...we all ran rivers together in the early 80's, and I like to think that we still do. I remember back then, Barb told us about her brother who was sci injured. We felt awful for his injury. Barb emailed the other day...wondering if I knew of anyone who was in need of a wheelchair, her brother was donating his manual wheelchairs. Oh my gosh, Richard, her brother who was paralyzed. It came flashing back. I wondered how her brother is doing! She said he is hanging in there and was wanting to donate some wheelchairs. Well, Barb's email has come at a time when the front wheels on my chair have been having trouble staying on...yeah, they fell off twice but I wasn't going fast thank God!...the shop was also having trouble fixing them...they fell off twice more. I needed them would cost $480/wheel! After speaking with Barb, she UPS'ed Richard's chair the next day! has been a is so much easier to get around, making life more fun...but, has also made me sad knowing Richard has had to move into a power-chair. Richard you are in my prayers. I thank you , and want you to know how grateful I am, not only for the use of your chair, but for your inspiration and courage you give me everyday. And thank you Barb for your help...I look forward to seeing you! With Love and gratitude, kelley ~ the river flows...Onward!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Sky Country, a Piece of Heaven

The Kingdom of God
is not far away -
It's as close as the things
we do and we say.
And the people like you
bring heaven nearer
And help to make
God's image clearer.

~ by Helen Steiner Rice

Thank you Thompson Falls for your Caring Support!
And Thank you Ro, and your team (Dianne, Carolanne & Bob)
for working so hard and putting together
such a FUN successful fundraiser!

Last Friday Sept 17, the film showing and fundraiser in Montana was a huge success, with a huge turnout, between 80 and 90 people, with over 25 auction items and raising just over $6,000!! And what a wonderful table display of food and assortments of desserts! I was sad to leave, and so pooped when I returned home. I am finally getting back into the swing of things, working hard and sleeping hard. Tomorrow I am planning to go with Jody to La Jolla Beach, to meet with some folks who help with SCI get into the ocean...called Wheel 2 Water. We'll have to see how it goes.
Thank you again for the fundraiser...Gratefully & Blessings to All, kelley

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fundraiser & Film Showing in Thompson Falls, MT

Many thanks to Ro Fundum for organizing this Fundraiser & Film showing in Thompson Falls, Montana, this Friday Sept. 17. The event will help with the continuation of my rehab in southern Cal, at Project Walk.

Time: 5:00-9:00 pm - Silent Auction & Appetizer/Hors d' oeuvres/desserts; at 6:45 pm film "3 Women 300 Miles" (60 min).

Where: New Life Fellowship Hall - Airport Rd. Thompson Falls.
Suggested donation: $10

Ro & Carol Anne, and many others here in Big Sky Country have worked so hard putting together this fundraiser & showing...I am so blessed.

After last Thursdays workout--I pack my bag and was able to take the week of Sat. 9/11 to Sun. 9/19 off to be here in Montana, visiting Mom, relatives & friends. My parents have lived in Thompson Falls for 31 years and I have met so many wonderful people throughout those years....and I am looking forward to seeing them and meeting new friends Friday night.

At this time in my life I'm finding it difficult to have time to do "other things" such as write on the stamina has been low. I try to pace myself and conserve energy just to allow time for my exercise rehab, eating and wash clothes; my poor apartment kitchen floor needs to be cleaned! It's been interesting to be out on my own...good in many ways too, but somethings just don't get done. But I'm looking forward to Mom coming down, the end of Oct., for the winter! (looking forward to her company and help, and having more time to write on the blog ;). Wilbur and I get to go to the park everyday, that's a must...we've only missed a couple times.

Being here in Montana for the past 5 days has aloud me to catch up on sleep & relax, and walk the dogs around the beautiful block with Mom and Ro.

I appreciate immensely all the support everyone, everywhere has given me; making it possible for me to

be working at Project Walk. Movement and sensation is happening!! little by little, giving me more hope, and courage to keep going. Onward!!

Love and Blessings, kelley

P.S. For those who love Dogs & know Wilbur--he make a smile....

"Wilbur and the Squirrel in MT"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My New Address--Vista, CA 92081

Jody is getting ready to start teaching history to her high school students...I'll sure miss her help and most of all her company. One week ago I moved to Vista, CA., so I could be near Project Walk in Carlsbad. It's a safe place and I am very fortunate to be able to live here and continue to work towards walking again. I moved into an on my own for the first time since my can be a little challenging, and lonely, but I have Wilbur and there are such great people who I've met through Project Walk who are in the same boat as me. There are a few who can get out and ride handcycles together on the weekends...even though I've only gotten out ONCE for a ride!...wanting to turn the light switch on downstairs (legs) it is sometimes difficult to get motivated to handcycle...but it would be good for me to get outside. There are a few things I need to learn how to do on my own: Firstly, I need to learn how to load the H-cycle into the van, get on it to ride and off, and re-load back into the van myself...I have the will, so there must be a way. There is another fellow who's SCI, Van, who mentioned he could teach me how to do all the bet is on...maybe next weekend I can get out and cycle! Project Walk has been keeping me busy with exercising and recovery days...instructor Jason Smith (x-bodybuilder) say's he can feel the subtle improvements I am making!! "The nerve pain is all part of it", he say's....and, "remember to take it easy on yourself, rest when your body tells you to". Jason's a very unassuming quiet fellow, who's serious about his work...I'm lucky to have him work with me for part of the time I'm at PW. For the past two nights my nerve pain has been different...I HAVEN'T been able to sleep for the first time in along time...the throbbing is mostly in my hips...after finally falling to sleep at 6am I rested until 12 noon!! I hate it, I feel my day is gone....and so does Wilbur! Poor Wilbur he wants to go out and romp! Okay, we are on our way just now to the park!
Onward!! kelley

P.S. It is hard to think about myself when the world feels like it is falling a part around us....flooding in Pakistan! Haiti! the Gulf waters! I am so grateful for my life and what I've gotten to experience in it. I have a girl friend, Stephanie Pope who has been battling a brain tumor that is inoperable...I ask you all to please send her healing prayers. And to Help Steph with medical costs--a beautiful necklace, Love Whole Heart Pendant has been made (by Ashley Bennett Stoddard) benefiting Stephanie.

purchase pendant go to:

My prayers are with you Stephanie...I think about you everyday, and I pray for peace and strength. I Love you, kelley

Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach Beauty Shop / Looking for Room to Rent for Winter

Reanna just finished Cosmetologist School 3 days prior, and I was one of her first customers...not able to fit in the house with my chair, she set up shop in her beautiful back yard for me! I was so grateful for her time and skills....she did a excellent job! (photo: You can see Jody trying to hide behind the mirror stand while Reanna is "styling". Click on pic to make larger.)

Looking for Winter Housing
If anyone knows of a place I can live (rent) for the winter near the Calsbad area....or Encinitas. Oceanside, Vista.... My plan is to stay through the winter, working with Project Walk. The results my body is getting from working with the instructors has been outstanding!....I'm getting stronger, muscles are firing, and leg movement is improving!!
I can't be more grateful for the opportunity to be here....AND Thank You, to EVERYONE who has contributed to my rehabilitation, and helped make it possible for me to be here.
Sincerely, kelley

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jody Conner! My Inspiring Trainer, Training!!

4th of July weekend, Jody and I went for a run and trike ride with Beth Sanden (competitor and advocate for Challenged Athlete Foundation. Please check out an article on Beth's story and photos, After meeting Beth in front of 24hour-fitness gym, and exchanging email addresses, Beth invited Jody and I to meet at the beach with her and some of her disabled triathletes and friends for a ride along the beach. In the photo above Jody is running along side for part of her workouts for the day...she is in awesomely amazing shape!...Built for professional sports, people are always stopping her for an autograph, mistaking her for pro-volleyball player "Holly McPeak"! She's always in top condition ever since I've known her, since meeting while outrigger canoeing on lake Natoma, 7 years ago. Jody also paddled with our US whitewater team and helped by filling in for workouts in the raft, and giving a few pointers for conditioning. She is always ready to play a game of Beach-Volleyball at a moments notice...her passion. Since I arrived in Southern Cal, she has been there for me none stop helping in whatever it maybe....from helping me to bed, food-shopping, to assisting with intense exercises. Jody is such an inspiration to me and keeps me striving to reach for more, and to never give up, as-well-as telling me to go take a nap and get some rest. Then after waking up we'll either hit it again or do something restful and go watch the sunset, or I can always enjoy watching Jody play a game of beach-volley.
There was a lot of networking going on during our ride along the beach....I learned everyone suffers from some degree of nerve pain and was unable to work; all except Van, he said since he has been working with Project Walk he is able to work part-time. In Photo below (from left to right): Kathy and her husband Lance-he is sci from a surfing accident; Van-sci from a 40mph biking accident; Firman-disabled from a stoke; Beth-our leader-sci from a cycling accident during a triathlon; Patrica and husband Tom-sci from a hang-gliding accident; Jody & me.
At the end of our ride, even though my nerve pain was starting to kick in, I wanted to try out Tom recumbent bike to see if I was ready to start pushing a bike with my legs. He let me try it out. His wife Patrica took the time to help me around the parking lot steering me while I tried to pedal and adding encouraging words. At the end I learned I'm not quite ready for it and will be needing to spend many more hours on the spin-bike before I start think about selling my hand-cycle. At the end of the day it left me wondering "who were those people?? We all became fast friends, caring for each other and making sure everyone was doing okay. Halfway through my trike got a flat tire....not being ready with the tools, nor Plan A or B, Beth had a spare tube, tools and pump! and Tom provided the brawn and started changing it by pulling up beside my trike, from sitting on his bike he contorted his body and pulled the tire off and put the new tube in...while I sat like a queen in my seat. It was a fun day, I paid for it last night in nerve pain :O( ....letting me know I'm alive :O)!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

HELL-Week in Southern Cal

It is the first morning I finally feel more like myself after arriving in Dana Point, last Sunday, 6/20. With a day of rest from the traveling we moved right into Project Walk's exercise regime...Jody and her daughter Makenzie helping--taking photos of the exercises I was doing and carefully taking notes so we could duplicate them later at home. Drips of sweat drop off the end of my nose, David my trainer who trains The Chargers in the off season in some kind of weight work, is carefully spotting me so I don't fall while telling me I have 2 more to go, then he looses count and say's 8 more to go!!..and so on...I'm wearing weight vest(s) to increase resistance. Like I said, I've been so wiped out from the week there has been no time to do anything else but eat and sleep. The weather is lovely and the energy to be outside and exercise surpasses any other place on the planet....being down here will keep me going for sure...Dana Pt is a cute town with a beautiful harbor and beach area with people out exercising in many different venues. This afternoon Jody's Mom Totsy, who is so kind and patient and full of energy (grand-daughter and daughter like mother) planned a BBQ at Doheny beach with family and a friend from her church, Ted, whos' handicap as well, whom I look forward to meeting and finding out some of the ins-and-outs of Dana Pt from a wheelchair perspective. In photo before workout Mak is helping me with the Active Ankles to help keep my foot from turning in.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kurt & Wilbur driving the U-Haul

This morning Mom and I drove to Missoula to pick up Kurt at the airport, then stopped by the gas station/tire shop to rent the U-haul...most of the exercise equipment and gear was loaded up before the days end and it looks like we'll be heading out tomorrow morning. I'll miss it here, my Mom and the beautiful calm open country, Ro and her unconditional help and of course Dudley (mom's doxie dog).....But I'm also looking forward, to the ocean sea breeze in Dana Point and Carlsbad area, and starting Project Walk & learning a some more tricks to get my legs moving more. Thank You Kurt for taking time off work and coming up to help me move :O)!! love, kelley

Friday, June 11, 2010

My 4 Angels

Mom (Lee) and Ro have helped me so much, they've been in constant vigilance for my rehab and safety...I am so lucky and grateful for all their help. Ro is helping me walk in the photo to the right...wearing a black belt around my waste for Ro to hang onto while I wobble along. Mom below with her patience's and constant smile as well as keeping me fed and a bed with clean sheets. My other 2 Angels...Dudley and Wilbur (dogs) giving their unconditional love and always keeping us laughing too. Love, kelley P.S. I wanted to add my swimming on the black arrow at the bottom of dark screen

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swimming and Spinning

The sun finally popped out today, it has been raining so hard for the past few days it was nice to see it. My Mom was out working in the yard and planted 4 Blue Spruce, she has 9 more trees to go in the ground...2 Engleman Spruce; 1 Cotton Wood; & 6 more Blue Spruce. I slept late this morning but finally got going around 11am...Ro worked with me for 3 hours...I rode the spin-bike for one hour for the first time! Thank you Ro!
On May 31, a girl friend & fellow outrigger canoeist, lost her husband while x-country skiing with their two young sons....she and her boys have been in my constant thoughts and prayers. I love you Lise.
P.S. To play the video click on the black arrow.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


"Neuroplasticity-When stimulated through activity, the brain compensates for damage by reorganizing existing connections, forming new neural pathways to accomplish needed functions. Undamaged axons sprout new nerve endings, which form connections with working nerve cells, as well as with neurons that were injured or severed" ~ Ro Fundum found this interpretation through her research and made copies of it (my New Mantra)....using beautiful photo's of running water for the back ground, that she took...Ro pinned them up to the walls of my Mom's house, so at every turn I'll have to focus on Neuroplasticity, my new buddy.

Ro is such a great friend, and neighbor to my Mom, and she has been helping me with rehab exercises and massage day in and day out...bringing with her a quiver of items to help with exercises or prosthetic improvements...Ro is quick to figure out easier or safer ways to exercises....inventing things such as a new and improved "softer" bike seat; foot wedges to help correct foot angles; pulley system for leg lifts; gravity boots so I can stretch-out my spine; an easier and safer way to get me on and off the spin bike...she is in constant motion researching every subject that comes up pertaining to my recovery!...I love it!

Since being in Montana, I have been either exercising, sleeping or eating...I've been wanting to Blog but it's been difficult to find time. There is so much I want to write. I have been making improvements with muscle movement and skin sensation. Sensation (touch) has developed more and more in my feet, hips and now right-side of right calf! We can see the muscles moving and developing more in my quads...while sitting on a table with legs hanging down, the right leg can actually kick forward about 1 inch! I can kick and pull...leg swinging back (1") and forth (1")!!! Lots of nerve pain is involved with my recovery...having any kind of feeling is good news, but it hurts like hell.

Today (May 25) Ro and I are heading to the Quinn's Hot Springs, about 45 miles away. I've been once before already...there's approx 5 different pools with different's nice the largest one I can do laps in and is the perfect temperature for my nerves. I really think the minerals in the hot springs can help, it makes me feel calm and relaxed after wards, perhaps it is beneficial for my nerve pain...swimming has always been in warm water, I'm in heaven.
Many Thanks to Ro's continual, unwavering help, I'm deeply grateful.
Onward! Love, kelley

Friday, April 30, 2010

The next Chapter in Kelley's Journey (a note from Sue)

I remember the first time I thought there was something extraordinary about my friend Kelley. It was a couple of years after I became friends with her and Julie Munger while working on the SF American river. Kelley had left California to work for Sobek on the first year of their operation on the Zambezi in Africa. Someone came back with footage from that first exploratory year on the Zambezi and was showing it at one of the regular guide’s Sunday night “un-wind” at Yosum’s pizza.

The footage starts rolling with a wide frame view of one of the rapids on the Zambezi at very high water. I had been on my share of big volume water, but the magnitude of what was displayed on the screen was truly impressive. The frame is filled with a mass of roiling and boiling, muddy brown, monster sized waves, hydraulics, and eddies lines. The magnitude of the whitewater is given perspective by a little bitty looking object that is floating towards the top of the rapids at the very top of the frame. As the camera zooms in it brings into focus an 18’ raft with two passengers sitting in the front, and Kelley standing up at the oars, slowing rowing towards the V. As the current starts to pick up, Kelley starts pushing into the oars with all her might. She is not just rowing now…. She is attacking! By the time she hits the first wave she is rowing forward at a pace that is truly remarkable. The monster waves crash over the raft from all sides, but Kelley stays on her feet, punching her fists into the oars over and over again.

The cheers from the crowd mixed with my own, as we all voiced our appreciation for the strength, courage, and mastery Kelley displayed rowing through the most gigantic whitewater most of us had ever seen. It was inspirational.

Well I am once again inspired. After a truly miserable winter, recovering from her discouraging accident which left her with two fractured femurs, she is now heading into the V again. She is taking charge of her life and moving forward. As she has shared in recent blogs, she will soon be entering a rehab program at a facility called Project Walk, that specializes in aggressive rehab for spinal cord injuries. She knows the program she will be put on will be hard and painful, but her recovery from the fractures, along with her small continued improvements in lower body motor function are encouraging. And she continues to show the rest of us the way…… when entering the gaping maw of the challenges in your life…. keep your eye on the V, “stand up”, and keep up the attack! Just like Kelley. Sue

Monday, April 26, 2010


At Mom's place...a log home my Dad and she built together surrounded in Larch, Lodgepole, Douglas fur and a few Ponderosa pines (the state tree and my Mom's favorite). The dust is finally settling from the whirlwind of unloading the rig my sister Kim and husband Lance hauled up north to Thompson Falls. A BIG THANK YOU to them! All the equipment is either on the front or back covered-porch. I look forward to organizing the house and porch where the equipment can be at hand and a routine established so I can finally start building strength back. Lance has already built a ramp making is easier to get in and out of the house...SO helpful to having freedom. It's beautiful here, peaceful and calm.Wilbur's Loving it!...he can now actually be a dog, running around exploring and smelling things...we love watching the deer coming and going on the sweet; they're losing their winter fur and looking scraggly--Wilbur quivering--dying for the chase. Just after arriving the temperatures were in 40-50's with some rain, with cloud bursting snow flurries, then the sun would peek through...very pretty. My bedroom is down stairs in the living-room, with a window at my left shoulder...I'm able to look out at any hour...knowing what the moon phases are in and seeing stars help me get back on track too...I like seeing it shine and light up the woods. Today's sunny and was nice to be out on the porch using the total-gym in the morning sun...and once I get into better shape I'll be able to catch a workout on the back porch with the paddle-one machine and spin-bike for afternoon sun and sunsets. There are some exercises I can do on my own...but there are some I can't....our friend and neighbor Ro, helped me this morning with my exercises...and has volunteered to help for the next 6 weeks I am here, 1-3 hours a day!! I am SO grateful. Thank You RO!! And Many Thanks Again to My Family: Mom-Lee and sister-Kim, and my brother inlaw-Lance who is both my Mom's and my hero, helping us get settled in!(hauling, lifting, and building my ramp, replacing the hot water-heater, logging dead trees and burning brush...etc). Thanks Lance!
Yeaaah I'm here, kelley

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Georgetown Benefit-With Deep Gratitude

MANY HEART FELT THANKS go out to ALL the people involved with helping Geri Teixeira, of Be Jazzed fitness, put together a very successful fundraiser, on my behalf, at the I.O.O.F Hall in Georgetown last Friday night April 16th.

TO: Pam Bailey; Dixie Paganucci; Rebecca Murphy; Kelly Bratton; Linda Thorpe; and Patty Smith. And to Larry Morgan donating the use of the Hall; Music on the Divide provided the curtains; Darcy Knight was the projectionist and Bryon provided technical support. And to Geri, a very special lady,....thank you so much for having the idea, and making it a reality.

I was so sad to not been able to nerve pain was too much for me to bear to travel...but my Mom and two friends, Sandy McNulty and Sean Cheng were able to attend and represent me. Sean took video and photos for me to see. Thanks you guys!

I was genuinely surprised when I learned the Showing generated over $3,000 dollars....from this small mountain area! I am still sad I was unable to be there to thank everyone personally for coming and supporting my goal to walking again. The money earned will help pay for many days of rehab at Project Walk.

Geri, it was such a generous gift and HUGE effort to take time out of your busy schedule to put together this Benefit--words cannot express my gratitude, thank you.In Loving Friendship, kelley

P.S. I also want to Thank my Girl Friends in Lotus for the Beautiful Necklace!!..I am wearing it now :o)

Friday, April 9, 2010

My Visit w/ Project Walk

Everything went really well in Southern Cal, including the weather! Jody Conners and her Mom Totsy were wonderful hosts welcoming me into their home for the few days I was in town to check out Project Walk's facility. Since Jody has the qualifications needed she is able to go through the program they offer called "Train The Trainer". Jody's real job is teaching history to high School students and will be out of school on the 18th. So we'll begin working together June 21st, first spending a week together with PW showing us how to correctly and safely do the exercises and what all else is needed to help strengthen and grow nerves (through repetitive motion) towards helping me walk again. Also Jody's Mom Totsy invited me to live w/them for the summer. Things are falling into place. Thank you Jody and Totsy! And to you All checking in.
" There are two kinds of dreams. One is a dream that's always going to be just that....A dream. Then there's a dream that's more like a map. A map that you live by and follow religiously, knowing that someday your going to stand on top of that Mountain holding everything you worked for Right There in Your Hand!" ~ R. Cooper
Exercise is my Religion!!...Thanks Ro for the quote :o) kelley

Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Movie Showing - Fundraiser on the Divide

Geri Teixeira
Georgetown's "Be Jazzed" is Hosting

Movie Showing:
"3 Women 300 Miles"

A Fundraiser for Kelley on the Divide, in Georgetown

April 16 Friday night at 7:00pm
at the I.O.O.F. Hall in Georgetown
(Main St. and Hwy 193)

Suggested Donation $25
(everyone is welcome no matter the cost)
serving popcorn ~ candy ~ sodas
DVD's available for sale ~ $40

There will be prizes.
Some prized donated by Sierra Outdoor Center
Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA

For more information please contact Geri Teixeira at 530.823.1128

Geri is the owner of Be Jazzed and has been teaching fitness classes since 1981. She said, "...that I always trying to reach out my students in ways to motivate them to reach their goals, overcome their obstacles and help empower them. I know now that fitness or wellness is a lifetime commitment which involves body, mind, and spirit. All these aspects need to be nurtured, exercised, and rested. And I believe all of us could learn more about ourselves by seeing your beautiful film of your trip down the Grand Canyon. A place I too love".
I was very flattered when Geri ask if I would share the 3 Women film with her fitness classes! Her philosophy rang home...take care of our bodies-our minds-our spirits!...through exercising, resting, and eating right to maintain a healthy body and weight. To Join Geri at Be Jazzed fitness in Georgetown, please call 530.823.1128
I look forward to traveling to Georgetown and to breath in the fresh pines at the higher elevation on the Divide...I just love saying that word...The sounds so strong and sure :o)
Many thanks to Geri and to so many others for helping fundraise for my rehab to walk again. kelley

P.S. I'll be visiting Project Walk in Carlsbad - March 30th. I'll be flying tomorrow to meet up w/ Jody Conners in Dana Point.... we'll visit with Project Walk on Tues. to check out their facility and for them to check me out and also to figure out my possible living situations and whatnot. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I'm getting excited! kk

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Hi everyone,

Today was really a fun day for me...Sue Norman and Lisa Dearing came down from the "colder climate" of Lake Tahoe, to a "warm & sunny" Sacramento, and took me out on the American river bike trail...including the 3 dogs; Wilbur and Rosco in the basket and Maddie running beside, on squirrel patrol. After returning home for lunch and a quick regroup, they loaded Sue double sea kayak and Kurt's double canoe on the rigs and we all went for a paddle on Lake Natoma...dogs included! Burritos for dinner! What a great day!!! Thanks Sue and Lisa

Last week I finished the 5 week Bowen treatments...and really do believe that it helped me regain more energy and flexibility...I look forward to a monthly Bowen tune-up. I really have been getting up earlier and able to sustain more exercise. My pain has been getting better if I don't over do my exercise...I was down with pain! for 3 days! last week because I did just that.

Last Friday Bessie Jackson pick me up and drove me to a Nevada City acupuncturist, Dr. Dennis Tucker. Bessie is treating me to the first series of appointments to see if the type of acupuncture he uses will help. The treatment technique that Dr. Tucker developed is very different from conventional acupuncture treatment. This is how he explains it..."Neuro-muscular mapping and involves precise palpation to map the pain syndrome from the spinal nerve roots to the primary myofascial changes that are involved in the neurological expression of inflammation, and or, altered nerve transmission throughout the affected area." I had my evaluation and a few needles suck in me and I was out for the count!... very relax and when I got home at 1:30pm I went to bed and only woke up for dinner and then went back to sleep until Kurt woke me up for pancakes at 9am. whew!! I was so rested and felt so good, after b'fast my Mom and I went to the pool. My legs were really moving! I was bicycling my legs underwater and walking! I felt good, strong! The pool has been a wonderful help in strengthening and bending my knees too where they are both past 90 degrees! I am so happy. And all my pressure sores on my foot are gone and I am able to stand longer and longer everyday. I look forward to visiting Dr. Tucker again next week. Thank you Bessie for taking me to Dr. Tuckers!

Take care, love, kelley

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project Walk

Hi All,
The pool and warm spa has paid off... along with the Bowen treatments... the left knee (with TKR) is now bending past 90 degrees! and the right is doing good...and I'm able to cycle with a stationary bike that cranks with arm peddles. It feels so good to be able make the complete revolution with the legs! The nerve pain still sucks (my mom hates that word) but when I see my knees bending and I make my small goals, I'm able to sometimes keep pushing through the pain. I'm in the standing machine a few times a day, working up to 2 1/2 hours. Kurt took Wilbur and I out canoeing last Sunday, I'm sure we kept moving for 45 minutes in the fresh air, and it felt good, until the next day I paid for it. Poco a poca, my friend Nancy Wiley say's!
Sean Cheng who was helping me before I broke my legs has moved on in his studies with personal training and Tai Chi education (we'll keep in touch). My new plans for rehab--I hope to be accepted into the Project Walk facility in Carlsbad, CA, in June ( ...if my nerve pain and bone density isn't a problem. This April, I'll be moving to Montana with my Mom, for my spring training before moving south. The logistics won't be easy to make the change with all my equipment I'll be needing, but my sister Kim and her husband Lance are helping me move with their truck and good sized trailer... whew! and I'm so grateful!
Lee is still here with me (My dear Mom ) and I have been spoiled rotten. We've helped each other out quite a bit this last year since I broke my legs and my father went to the big river in the sky last March (wow I can't believe it has been a year already). It would get a little lonely up in their Montana log home by herself, shoving snow, hauling the wood in, and watching the days slowly get shorter. So, we are both grateful we have each other. Love, kel
Part of a poem sent from Ro.
Courage is not something mysterious or unattainable....
Courage does not have to roar to be heard,
It does not mean being totally fearless and being invincible,
It could mean taking actions, taking risks, taking a stand,
Standing up for yourself, standing by your choices,
And sticking to your dreams when others jeered. ~Fion Linn

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bowen Treatment

One week ago I tried my first Bowen treatment with therapist Raymond Augustyniak in El Dorado helps move energy, balances and regulates the body etc... you may have heard of it. Therapy is given, with a 5 to 7 days in between to let the treatments take effect. One thing it has been one heck of a week--my nerve pain has magnified and I spent most my time in's been awful. I'll have to let you know how it goes during my next four visits.

I have been working hard trying to bend my left knee, the one with the TKR, it has been giving me trouble. With the calf muscle shortened, left foot dropping; turning in; a pressure sore (a good sized blister) that I need to heal before I can attempt to stand at all. I am so desperate to stand, it makes me sick. I can't help but think about how my body continues to atrophy and my bones keep getting more brittle. I have a huge battle a head...I am just waiting to get GOing!
Good night you all, love kelley
P.S. I'm looking for Darrell H. phone number and address. (he won bid on outrigger canoe painting)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tying a Knot and Hanging On...

A special friend of mine, Ro, who lives in Montana with her husband Steve, are neighbors & good friends to my Mom and Dad. Ro has been such a great advocate for me...Doing so much, from spending hours doing heavy research on her computer finding cures for nerve pain and bone building remedies, to genuine support towards my healing, by sending uplifting and inspirational quotes every Friday, for 6 months! THANKS RO!

Here is a letter she wrote after she read my last blog...
I wanted to share it with you.

Hi Kelley,
I read your post the other day and am so sorry you are still having so much pain. I can't imagine how it must be to live with that every day. I wish I could find a quote that would make it all bearable. I am very glad though, that your bones have healed so well and you will be able to start back in the pool again. Hopefully that kind of movement will be energizing as well as soothing to your body. Maybe one of the old quotes might be worth repeating:
"When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on." ~F D. Roosevelt
Try to think of all the good things (your bone growth, your favorable response to the fosamax, no more braces, and your go ahead on the exercise), think of all these things as the knot in the rope, and hang onto them.I wish I could do so much more for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I do believe that this pain is not permanent. Hope you have a restful evening! Love Ro

Stem Cell News Update! by Enoch ;o) Thanks again for sending the info on the first human stem cell clinical trial... I thought others might like to hear about it as well:
NZ scientists are doing the first! stem cell human clinical trial on spinal cord injured ...a 2 year trial... by using olfactory cells (nerve cells in the olfactory tissue are constantly replaced) from inside the nose and transplanting it inside the injured spinal cord. Scientist say it will help the nervous system heal itself by helping repair nerve cells; cells to regrow; restore function. I wanted to be one of there chosen participants but they were needing 35 or younger because the olfactory cell are less reliable the older you are....hummm. I'll still be interested in following there progress. Here's the website Enoch sent.

lately my nerve pain has been doing better and my muscles are slowly starting to get back into shape. I've been able to make trips to the pool. Also yesterday, for the first time!! since my leg braces came off from the breaks and I have been able to bend my left knee enough to get into the standing-frame, I was able to stand up (for 30 minutes); now it will be my daily ritual. I have been having some trouble with pressure sores on my left foot. Because I haven't been able to walk or put pressure on my feet for the past 6 months, it has been quite the battle trying to keep my feet from turning in (pigeon toed) and getting what is call "footdrop". During that time I wore special boots day (and night) for the past 6 months and it has take a toll, especially on my left foot. There is a fair amount a pressure pin pointed constantly on the same areas, making it very difficult to keep from having pressure sores. My job is to keep moving my feet and legs; Bending them, massaging, moving the joints and muscles. It's funny, in the mornings just transferring out of bed and onto the toilet is a workout, I feel I need to go back to bed and take a nap. It really has been non-stop-on-going care and rehab. I feel guilty writing this note now when I know I should be doing something else that will bring me closer to walking....I think I'll go take a nap and let the nerves grows ;o).

I'm tying my knot in my rope and hanging onto all the good things.
Take care and thank you for checking in, love, kelley

P.S. Darrell Hoover, I want to thank you for your generous support at the silent auction during our last fundraiser at the Sierra Nevada House. He was one of the purchasers of the outrigger canoe painting. Darrell, I would hope to get your address and phone. Thanks kk

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I got an A+...

It is true, when it rains it pours...the barometer keeps dropping and my nerve pain keeps going up and up!! The nerve pain has been the most debilitating for me, through this whole ordeal (2 yrs) is like my body has been plugged into an electrical cord that is skin or body from the waist down is in constant pain (burning, buzz's, stabbing, electrocuted). I am so sensitive to exercise--anything I do my body rebels tenfold! It is even hard to talk on the phone at times. I wonder what I am going to do... I hate my life.

I do have good news:
  1. Jan 12, I visited my ortho doc and he gave me an A+ on the healing of my bones.
  2. The leg braces are off for good (no more foley catheter...I am going to miss it though, now I am going to have to worry about "cathing" on time. "In urinary catheterization, or "cathing" for short".
  3. Body has not rejected the Fosamax (pill) for my bone density.
  4. Able to hit the pool!
  5. Start weight bearing.

My Mom is still here helping me, so much!... fixing food; washing clothes and bedding; house keeping; driving me to my appointments; taking me to the pool; helping me get on and off the total-gym for weight bearing exercise; massaging my legs; and she is great company.

Now, I am able to bend my right knee past 90 degrees! but only bend my left at 55, meaning I cannot ride a bike yet... I gotta keep massaging and stretching the knee constantly in hope to get it to bend. If I cannot bend my knee I won't be able to ride a bike or do knee-squats on the total-gym, which are two great ways to help with strengthening my quads, these muscles help lock my knees to stand or walk. I also have a stand "EasyStand" that just helps me to standup, but because of my stiff knee I cannot get into that either. Kurt has been thinking about building a table that tilts up so I can start standing vertically.

It is definitely back to the drawing board.

Thanks for checking in on me. I love you guys, kelley