Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall is here in Montana

Ro's birthday was celebrated this summer with a BBQ and friends. Photo: front row - Steve & Ro Fundum and their Dog Norman, and myself. In back row - Bob, Steve, Diane, Carol Ann, and my Mom Lee,

The sun is lower on the horizon making it feel like fall, but it has still been in the 80’s!

Nov. 3, I’ll be starting back with Project Walk…I believe they will be happily surprised to see the progress Ro and I have made!

The Plan: Oct. 21, we'll be leaving Montana, heading south, taking 3 or 4 days getting to South Lake Tahoe, where Sue Norman lives. I’m hoping to stay for a couple days at Sue’s…around Oct 26-28...So if there is any of you in the area Please stop in and say hi!!

Sue will help us drive, down the east side of Sierra‘s arriving in Vista, and move into the Shadow Ridge Country Club Apartments, on Oct 29-30. Address: 1669 Live Oak Road, Apt. #33, Vista, CA 92081. Caroline Paul and Jody Conners will be there as well!!…to help out with the move…ALSO, to go standup paddle boarding. I want to try out my Dad’s inflatable kayak he gave me in the lagoon, Agua Hedionda, in Carlsbad….we can all take the weekend and Monday to move in & go play. So again, if there is any one in the area, Please stop in and come play!

Ro and I continue to work…the last few workouts we were at Ro‘s house; in her huge downstairs room dedicated to exercise and entertainment!!!; with French-doors opening to a meadow with a back drop of the Bitterroot Mountains. Progress keeps being made slowly, giving glimpses’ of hope I will keep getting stronger, I find it unbelievable how far I’ve come!!…it’s painful, and at times I wonder what the heck this journey is all about. I don’t ever want to give in to the pain.
Onward~~Love kk
P.S. Joanie, Heather, Mike T, Melancholy - Thank you for you supportive and loving message!!