Thursday, December 27, 2007

Update, December 27 and Yampa Trip

Hope folks are still checking in for updates, we will be keeping this updated every week or two. I wish there was more positive news to report on Kelley, but this is going to be a long haul. As I said before there are small improvements in motor function. For instance, while laying on her side on her mat, she can pull her leg from a straight position into a bent position. But unfortunately her nerve and spasticity pain continue to be relentless. It is still extremely difficult for her to do the simplest things like answer email, write cards, or read books, ...because this is so pervasive.

She did have a good session with a physical therapist friend, who now practices Cranial/Sacral/Energy work, and hopefully she can start getting more of this kind of treatment, and maybe some specific type of acupuncture to help will pain soon. But the holidays are a tough time to get things to happen, unfortunately. Our friend Kelley, is one tough cookie. Hopefully more positive news to report next time.

One last thing, a fundraising raft trip on the Yampa River has been offered by the owner of O.A.R.S. This will be a 5 day trip, launching on May 22nd, at a cost of around $850 per person. All profits will go to Kelleys account with the NTAF. Please reply to this blog if you are interested in finding out more about this trip, and/or reserving a spot on what will undoubtably be an unforgettable experience.


Monday, December 10, 2007

News from Coloma Event

Well the Coloma fundraiser was a huge success with about 225 people attending, about 100 donated auction items, and raising approximately $20,000 for Kelley. Huge thanks to Janice, Howard, Teal, Sarah, Robin, Bill and the rest of the Coloma Valley residents who organized this event in less then 4 weeks, and kept things running smoothly throughout the entire evening. The power of community, ….awesome.

The big winner and giver of the evening was Jeff S, who acquired a stunning watercolor of women outrigger paddlers in Hawaii, donated by Ronaldo Macedo of Maui. This auction item was coveted by several in the crowd, and the bidding reflected the passion this piece of artwork inspired, I think in large part because of how much it evokes the spirit of Kelley. The final bid topped out at $3,700.

We visited with Kelley today and shared some stories with her about this event she so much wanted to be a part of. She wants everyone to know how much she appreciates the collective effort and generosity displayed by the community that contributed to this event. I think it’s getting a little easier for her to receive, but the success of this event was bound to be overwhelming for her.

To me, Kelley’s daily life still requires a monumental effort. She is of course being very proactive in her recovery and learning to cope with her disability and medications. But it comes with a price, which manifests as nerve pain that cycles around on a continual basis. The exercises and therapy she needs to do to make this get eventually better, makes the nerve pain worse for now. She has experienced some ability to get muscles in her leg to fire and move. Although these movements are currently minor, they are still very encouraging and she is determined to work as hard as it takes to keep it coming back. Her strength and determination continues to inspire.

I believe planned visits are very good for her and are welcome during this time when her pain is not so intense she can’t interact, but present enough for conversation and visiting to be a welcome distraction. Visits should be planned with her in advance, and may be cancelled on short notice if conditions (pain/fatigue) change for her. I have noticed that Kelley still wants to be a considerate hostess, sometimes at the expense of her own well being, so folks need to be especially sensitive to subtle clues. Weekdays are probably the best time, especially while Kurt is at work, and evenings are generally not a good time.

Next few weeks will bring several follow-up tests and examinations to monitor her condition and progress. We will keep you posted on this, as well as on future fund raising events planned for late january down in bay area.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fundraising Campaign Officially Begins

Friends and family have chosen to fundraise for Kelley with the NTAF Catastrophic Injury Fund. The NTAF is a charitable organization that provides both tax-deductibility and fiscal accountability to her contributors. Funds contributed will be used only to pay or reimburse her medically related expenses that are not covered by insurance including insurance premiums and co-pays, and alternative therapies. To make a charitable contribution to Kelley's fundraising campaign:

Make Checks Payable to:
NTAF Southwest Catastrophic Injury Fund

Note in memo section: In Honor of Kelley Kalafatich

Send to: NTAF
150 Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-120
Radnor, PA 19087

We would prefer you make your donation by check, because these are only charged a 4% processing fee, however
to make a credit card contribution (with a 7% processing fee) you can call NTAF at 800-642-8399 or visit If you want an acknowledgement of your contribution please request a tribute gift form by email to We have also prepared some fundraising flyers that we will be sending out through an email campaign. If you would like an electronic version of our flyer to send to other friends that we did not contact, again email this request to We will be providing future information on this blog regarding our fundraising goals, and progress on reaching those goals.

Thank you for your support, and providing the foundation for Kelley's recovery,
Kelley's Core Support Group


Kelley is Home

Hi all,

Kelley is home.  We are currently in this mode of figuring everything

out.  Thanks to you, we have a new home, new beds, new everything.

There is a learning curve.  Kelley has to get into a pretty

disciplined routine for herself, all in these new surroundings.  I

want to ask that we help support that the rest of this week.  She

needs plenty of quiet time to think and to get organized so that her

new routine is not stressful.  She knows what she needs to do.



Monday, December 3, 2007


Thank you friends for all your help and ideas for the fundraiser. Last thing we need to do is RSVP, just so we know what we are working with.  Also, bring your favorite photo of you and KK, we are going to put them all in a journal for her along with your words of inspiration and love. (paper provided at event). Please RSVP  to  Blessings, Janice