Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Movie Showing - Fundraiser on the Divide

Geri Teixeira
Georgetown's "Be Jazzed" is Hosting

Movie Showing:
"3 Women 300 Miles"

A Fundraiser for Kelley on the Divide, in Georgetown

April 16 Friday night at 7:00pm
at the I.O.O.F. Hall in Georgetown
(Main St. and Hwy 193)

Suggested Donation $25
(everyone is welcome no matter the cost)
serving popcorn ~ candy ~ sodas
DVD's available for sale ~ $40

There will be prizes.
Some prized donated by Sierra Outdoor Center
Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA

For more information please contact Geri Teixeira at 530.823.1128

Geri is the owner of Be Jazzed and has been teaching fitness classes since 1981. She said, "...that I always trying to reach out my students in ways to motivate them to reach their goals, overcome their obstacles and help empower them. I know now that fitness or wellness is a lifetime commitment which involves body, mind, and spirit. All these aspects need to be nurtured, exercised, and rested. And I believe all of us could learn more about ourselves by seeing your beautiful film of your trip down the Grand Canyon. A place I too love".
I was very flattered when Geri ask if I would share the 3 Women film with her fitness classes! Her philosophy rang home...take care of our bodies-our minds-our spirits!...through exercising, resting, and eating right to maintain a healthy body and weight. To Join Geri at Be Jazzed fitness in Georgetown, please call 530.823.1128
I look forward to traveling to Georgetown and to breath in the fresh pines at the higher elevation on the Divide...I just love saying that word...The sounds so strong and sure :o)
Many thanks to Geri and to so many others for helping fundraise for my rehab to walk again. kelley

P.S. I'll be visiting Project Walk in Carlsbad - March 30th. I'll be flying tomorrow to meet up w/ Jody Conners in Dana Point.... we'll visit with Project Walk on Tues. to check out their facility and for them to check me out and also to figure out my possible living situations and whatnot. If anyone has any ideas let me know. I'm getting excited! kk

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Hi everyone,

Today was really a fun day for me...Sue Norman and Lisa Dearing came down from the "colder climate" of Lake Tahoe, to a "warm & sunny" Sacramento, and took me out on the American river bike trail...including the 3 dogs; Wilbur and Rosco in the basket and Maddie running beside, on squirrel patrol. After returning home for lunch and a quick regroup, they loaded Sue double sea kayak and Kurt's double canoe on the rigs and we all went for a paddle on Lake Natoma...dogs included! Burritos for dinner! What a great day!!! Thanks Sue and Lisa

Last week I finished the 5 week Bowen treatments...and really do believe that it helped me regain more energy and flexibility...I look forward to a monthly Bowen tune-up. I really have been getting up earlier and able to sustain more exercise. My pain has been getting better if I don't over do my exercise...I was down with pain! for 3 days! last week because I did just that.

Last Friday Bessie Jackson pick me up and drove me to a Nevada City acupuncturist, Dr. Dennis Tucker. Bessie is treating me to the first series of appointments to see if the type of acupuncture he uses will help. The treatment technique that Dr. Tucker developed is very different from conventional acupuncture treatment. This is how he explains it..."Neuro-muscular mapping and involves precise palpation to map the pain syndrome from the spinal nerve roots to the primary myofascial changes that are involved in the neurological expression of inflammation, and or, altered nerve transmission throughout the affected area." I had my evaluation and a few needles suck in me and I was out for the count!... very relax and when I got home at 1:30pm I went to bed and only woke up for dinner and then went back to sleep until Kurt woke me up for pancakes at 9am. whew!! I was so rested and felt so good, after b'fast my Mom and I went to the pool. My legs were really moving! I was bicycling my legs underwater and walking! I felt good, strong! The pool has been a wonderful help in strengthening and bending my knees too where they are both past 90 degrees! I am so happy. And all my pressure sores on my foot are gone and I am able to stand longer and longer everyday. I look forward to visiting Dr. Tucker again next week. Thank you Bessie for taking me to Dr. Tuckers!

Take care, love, kelley

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Project Walk

Hi All,
The pool and warm spa has paid off... along with the Bowen treatments... the left knee (with TKR) is now bending past 90 degrees! and the right is doing good...and I'm able to cycle with a stationary bike that cranks with arm peddles. It feels so good to be able make the complete revolution with the legs! The nerve pain still sucks (my mom hates that word) but when I see my knees bending and I make my small goals, I'm able to sometimes keep pushing through the pain. I'm in the standing machine a few times a day, working up to 2 1/2 hours. Kurt took Wilbur and I out canoeing last Sunday, I'm sure we kept moving for 45 minutes in the fresh air, and it felt good, until the next day I paid for it. Poco a poca, my friend Nancy Wiley say's!
Sean Cheng who was helping me before I broke my legs has moved on in his studies with personal training and Tai Chi education (we'll keep in touch). My new plans for rehab--I hope to be accepted into the Project Walk facility in Carlsbad, CA, in June ( ...if my nerve pain and bone density isn't a problem. This April, I'll be moving to Montana with my Mom, for my spring training before moving south. The logistics won't be easy to make the change with all my equipment I'll be needing, but my sister Kim and her husband Lance are helping me move with their truck and good sized trailer... whew! and I'm so grateful!
Lee is still here with me (My dear Mom ) and I have been spoiled rotten. We've helped each other out quite a bit this last year since I broke my legs and my father went to the big river in the sky last March (wow I can't believe it has been a year already). It would get a little lonely up in their Montana log home by herself, shoving snow, hauling the wood in, and watching the days slowly get shorter. So, we are both grateful we have each other. Love, kel
Part of a poem sent from Ro.
Courage is not something mysterious or unattainable....
Courage does not have to roar to be heard,
It does not mean being totally fearless and being invincible,
It could mean taking actions, taking risks, taking a stand,
Standing up for yourself, standing by your choices,
And sticking to your dreams when others jeered. ~Fion Linn