Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well Kelley is healing. She had her first check up last tuesday and the doctor says the xray shows that the bad fracture above her prosthetic knee joint is healing. This is the one that they were really worried about. The femur broke just above her prosthetic knee, so they inserted two long thin metal rods half way up her femur that criss cross and "pinch" her prosthetic knee. They then pinned these two rods just above the knee joint so the rods really squeeze it. This is all supposed to knit the whole thing back together so her femur reattaches to the prosthetic knee. Complicated... and so far it appears to be working. Kelley spends a fair bit of time in her new chair, but is still taking it very easy. But at least she can move around the house, get outside and visit with friends. In this photo she and her Mom are visiting with Julie and Abigail. Wilbur has a little basket in back of the chair that he just likes to lay in so he always goes where Kelley goes.

Some funding has been coming into the NTAF account, thank you to everyone that has contributed, it sure helps with the insurance premiums and copays. The Tuolumne trip has filled! so that will also be helping making a dent in some of the backlog of bills, and hopefully help pay for a badly needed wheel chair ramp to the house. Please continue to send her your good thoughts, meditations,prayers, and emails, and stop by and visit. Your positive energies definitely help. Sue