Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update, January 30

Kelley was released from UC Davis on Monday evening. She is back home and taking visitors. Do call and arrange in advance if you can, just to make sure your timing is good.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Thanks for Meditation

Kelley sends her thanks and appreciation for this afternoon's
meditation. The timing worked out well in the room. There were no
interruptions and it was fairly quiet with the door closed. Kelley
was able to transition into a very peaceful state as she received. It
was very nice to see her so calm.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Collective Healing Mediation, 12:00 pm PST Sunday


Below is part of an e-mail message sent by Rowena, a friend of
Kelley's mother, Leona. Rowena suggests a short 'collective thought
session' with positive thought or prayer directed towards Kelley's
healing. I especially like what Rowena writes: "we can meditate on her
regaining her health by focusing on the joy of that healing outcome,
rather than focusing on the trauma that she is currently
experiencing". I think she makes a very important clarification in
how we should direct our energetic thoughts.

Kelley wishes to have the first session tomorrow, Sunday @ 12:00 noon,
PST, for about 5 minutes. Remember to adjust for your individual time
zones. At this time, Kelley herself will be in meditation, receiving
your loving, healing thoughts and prayer.

Please spread the word,

Loving Regards,

Rowena writes:
I believe our thoughts are powerful things. Even science has proven this
as fact. Also, the more emotion that is felt with the thought, the more
powerful that thought is. I believe we can create amazing changes in our
lives with the power of our thoughts. I believe that two people meditating
on the same thoughts increases the power of those thoughts not just
double, but tenfold, or even one hundred fold. Imagine how powerful it
would be if a good sized group of people meditated on the same thoughts,
and at the same time!

I believe the things that happen in our lives are a result of our
collective thoughts. There are so many people living in the world today
with so many varied thoughts, which is why I think there is so much
diversity in the events we experience. There is love, hate, trauma,
exhilaration, pain, pleasure, etc. We can each create great changes in our
own lives by the thoughts and emotions we have, but I believe we are also
somewhat at the mercy of the thoughts of others. I believe our thoughts
are all interconnected, but those thoughts that are closer to us can have
more impact.

All that being said, I believe that when we think of Kelley and what she
is going through, it is important to dwell on every positive thing we can.
When obstacles arise, it is good that they are taken care of quickly, and
not dwelled upon.

When it comes to our thoughts, there are always two sides to every
subject.... the subject itself, and the 'lack of' that subject. In
Kelley's situation, with health being the subject, we can meditate on her
regaining her health by focusing on the joy of that healing outcome,
rather than focusing on the trauma that she is currently experiencing.

>From the little exposure I have had to Kelley's friends via reading the
blog, I've gotten the impression that this is a positive, enlightened
group of people, who will understand that I don't mean to invalidate
Kelley's suffering in any way. I know it is very difficult for those who
are extremely close to her, and that when she suffers, her family also

So in my own meditation, I will take some extra time to include healthy
positive thoughts for all of you as well. I already have a couple of my
own close contacts waiting for me to give them a time for the group
prayer/meditation. As I have not kept my friends up to date much, this
will be a routine meditation, done out of love for a fellow human being.

Thank you, Rowena.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Update, January 25th

Kelley is still in hospital, but white cell count is down (which is good). She may be moving into an intermediate physical therapy ward for a little while before coming home. Kelleys pain issues have been so intense she is now getting daily visits from the pain mgt team, and they are aggressively working to get things under control. Kelley is at the point where she would like to receive visitors. It helps relieve the boredom and distract her from the discomfort she feels. So please do try to stop by, she would really enjoy having contact with her friends. You should call her ahead of time to check in and let her know when you plan to come. She is in the Trauma nursing unit currently, room 1113 I think (but you can check in and verify at the hospital. Probably be good to visit between hours of 9 and 6. Thanks, Sue

Monday, January 21, 2008

Update, January 21

Visited with Kelley a couple of days over the weekend. Things are still pretty rough for her. The nerve and spasticity pain are as bad as its ever been and maybe even a little worse (gets up to an 8 or 9 sometimes). Possibly in response to the additional trauma her body has recieved from her recent surgery, but no explanation is offered by the Docs. She is still in the hospital primarily because of a general infection in her lower abdomen in response to the surgery, and is currently on antibiotics. This is not an entirely unexpected response, and not a great cause of concern to them at this point, but needs to be resolved before she can leave. They also want to try and get her pain management under better control before she is released. I got a little lost when Kelley explained the experimentation they are doing with the meds, but suffice it to say they are trying to get a handle on it. So no scheduled release at this point. She has her good moments when the meds are working, but some really awful times in between. Obviously this is still very draining and exhausting for her. She is recieving regular visits from Kurt, her family, and her core support group, and it is a comfort to her (and for us frankly as well). As hard as it is to witness her suffering, it is also reassuring to see her strength and stamina of spirit that will get her to the other side of this. The blog response has been great, for those of you who have not blogged yet, please feel free to keep adding. It will still be awhile before she can handle other forms of communication to any degree I think, and the blog is something she can visit more then once ....... so keep those healing energy currents and waves flowing to her and her courageous family (Kurt, Kim and Leona)


Saturday, January 12, 2008


Kelley is still at UC Davis. She is continuing to improve, as far as her recovery from her emergency colon repair surgery, and the complications with skin infection, and strength and energy level. She will still need to stay at Davis for awhile until they are sure her risk of post surgery infection can be be managed at home . The other good piece of news is that her most recent MRI shows that the lesions in her spine (cervical/thoracic) have reduced in size. Still to be seen what continued improvement will be gained in motor function. There is some troubling news, in that a couple of lesions have shown up on her most recent brain scan. More testing and monitoring will need to be done to determine the significance of that.

There is still alot that is not "known' about Kelley's condition, and causes of things that are happening to her, and prognosis for long term recovery. As more certainty is gained about these things, they will be shared on this Blog. She still is unable to recieve visitors, and does not have energy to deal with phone calls or emails. It is likely to be that way for awhile, so again, please post a comment to the previous post if you want to send your thoughts and best wishes at this time. It does help her to recieve your energy in this way, that does not take energy from her.


Monday, January 7, 2008

Update, January 7

Kelley is still at UC Davis. She is still very weak, and extremely susceptible to infection and in fact has developed a worsening case of shingles (skin infection). She therefore is still in quarantine, so will not be able to recieve any visitors. She probably is still too weak to deal with phone calls as well, and no doubt has a huge back log of messages on her cell phone.
Her overall condition as far as fatigue and strength after her surgery is improving but she has a ways to go. I'm sorry I have no details to provide as to why these complications are happening. I think it is safe to say that the big picture is that the physical dysfunction that the tranverse myletis has caused has left Kelley very vulnerable to alot of potential complications.

I would like to encourage folks to post a comment to this blog if you want to pass on your thoughts and best wishes to her at this time. I think this would be nice way for kelley to be able to recieve your communications until she is feeling better, and better then clogging her phone and email with messages she just can't cope with right now. Her family could also help with sharing your sentiments with her from this blog as well. It is so frustrating at times like these to feel like there is so little we can do to really help, but I think our prayers and sentiments can actually help in a significant way. So please figure out how to post comments to the blog, and send your positive energy and thoughts her way. Sue

Friday, January 4, 2008

New Medical Situation

Kurt had to take Kelley to the UC Davis emergency room on December 31st.
She had 'free air' in her abdomen, meaning that there was a rupture
somewhere in her bowel. Kelley went in to exploratory surgery that
evening. She was found to have a perforation in her colon. After
maintaining through a very critical period, she has now stabilized in
her vital signs. She is currently resting and recovering from this
ordeal at Davis, it is currently unknown how long she will need to be there.

Kurt and Kelley's family ask that there be no visiting during this time.
as Kelley's exposure to outside germs needs to be absolutely minimized.
She has no energy to field phone call and will need to rest in
order to recover. Please stay tuned to this Blog to find out when she is
able to recieve phone calls and visits again, and to check on her progress.

Keep her and her healing in your thoughts, Sue