Friday, November 16, 2007


Hi Everyone!
Rumor has it that KK is already doing wheelies and jumping curbs in a wheelchair. Hopefully, she will master the art of wheel chair acrobatics in just enough time to walk out of it! Her estimated release date (hospitals are like prisons as far as I am concerned) is November 27th. The docs are still working to figure out the best non-narcotic pain meds as nerve sensations are still causing KK quite a bit of discomfort. KK is working on visualization techniques, meditation and other non-western types of pain management. She still needs quite a bit of rest and the Physical Therapy wears her out. We appreciate everyone's sensitivity to KK's need to rest and those of us who are "first string" caregivers also need to remember that this means "us" too.
I have organized a cleaning party for KK and Kurt's new house on Sunday at 9 am. If you can help out and haven't already contacted me; send me an e-mail and I will forward you the directions and other information. My e-mail is I really appreciate the response!
Love to you all!


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