Saturday, November 3, 2007

KK Pain is getting under control/ thank you

Hello Everyone!
KK's pain seems to be under control and Kurt and KK are ready and open for visitors this weekend! Yahoo!!! Now that the pain is being managed KK can put her energy into healing!
You all have been amazing! KK and Kurt are so blessed to have your love and support!
If you need a user id and login to post on this blog you can use mine. Just give me a call and I will give it to you.

Again, thanks for all your understanding and support on the days that she was not up for visits.
Please check this blog before you come to look for changes or updates. We all keep this blog updated.
Thanks again and love to you all!

Julie Munger

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Kurt Kaunzinger said...

Update - Kelley requests NOT to see visitors this Saturday morning. She has had a tiring night. Her comfort level still fluctuates. Thank you for understanding.