Thursday, December 27, 2007

Update, December 27 and Yampa Trip

Hope folks are still checking in for updates, we will be keeping this updated every week or two. I wish there was more positive news to report on Kelley, but this is going to be a long haul. As I said before there are small improvements in motor function. For instance, while laying on her side on her mat, she can pull her leg from a straight position into a bent position. But unfortunately her nerve and spasticity pain continue to be relentless. It is still extremely difficult for her to do the simplest things like answer email, write cards, or read books, ...because this is so pervasive.

She did have a good session with a physical therapist friend, who now practices Cranial/Sacral/Energy work, and hopefully she can start getting more of this kind of treatment, and maybe some specific type of acupuncture to help will pain soon. But the holidays are a tough time to get things to happen, unfortunately. Our friend Kelley, is one tough cookie. Hopefully more positive news to report next time.

One last thing, a fundraising raft trip on the Yampa River has been offered by the owner of O.A.R.S. This will be a 5 day trip, launching on May 22nd, at a cost of around $850 per person. All profits will go to Kelleys account with the NTAF. Please reply to this blog if you are interested in finding out more about this trip, and/or reserving a spot on what will undoubtably be an unforgettable experience.



janedriscoll said...

I would love to do this trip with all of you. I am going to believe that Kelly will be strong enough by that time so that we are all comming along with HER! I have asked Stephanie and Vanessa. Lisa would also like to come. Thanks for putting this together and let me know if I can offer some help somehow.

Cathy said...

We would love to take part in this trip. Please send me more information as plans come about.

you can contact me at

Thank you! and Hello to Kelley!!