Friday, June 13, 2008

Hold the Vision

This is the vision I would like everyone to hold for the next few months. This is Marjorie, the woman I told you about in the previous blog. Hopefully in the not to distant future this can be Kelley. Kelley is now on her 3rd day with Dr. Zhu. She did 3 hours on wednesday, 4 hours on thursday, and probably will do similar today. She is a veritable pin cushion of needles, going through a progression of movements. As an example , yesterday Dr. Zhu put her in knee braces between the parallel bars, with him sitting behind her on a stool, and had her balance on her own, and take a few steps forward and a few steps back. This guy is pushing her as fast as Kelley will go, and we all know Kelleys ability to "cowboy up" when there is work to be done. Don't get me wrong she still has a long ways to go, in the progression of where she will want to end up, the steps she took yesterday are little and she is using any muscle she can to make it happen. She has alot of hard work ahead to get to the point where she can walk across a room. But what she did yesterday is huge compared to where she was last week, and hopefully step by arduous step she will get there. Huge thanks to Barb and Jackie and Dan who have been with Kelley during these first critical few days with Dr. Zhu.

On another note, I think we have already found the perfect living situation for Kelley in San Jose, so thanks for the other offers, but we have found a fully handicapped accessible home that she can start using immediately.

Lastly I just heard back from George Wendt at OARS, and he has donated a little over $19,000 to the NTAF from our recent Yampa trip!. This could not have come at a better time. Very little of Dr. Zhu's bills we be covered by insurance, and even though his rates are reasonable, the sheer volume of time she will be there will add up. But at this point we should be in pretty good shape for a little while. Over the weekend I will be posting information on this blog regarding all the future fund raising raft trip options that have been offered by outfitters over the past few weeks. So stay tuned.... Sue

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