Monday, September 15, 2008

Sept 15 Update

The latest news is Kelley has purchased some new wheels, both vehicle and chair. She has acquired a handicapped accessible van, using the NTAF fund. It still needs a few additional retrofits for her to use, but hopefully within a few weeks she will be able to start driving herself around sometimes, and gain some independence she is more then ready for.

We will be going to Julie Mungers wedding in a couple of weeks, up by Taylorsville. So we also got her some more beefy tires for the chair, so it would be little more suitable for "off road use" in preparation for some cruisin around on Julies property. She said it already has been a noticeable improvement, as the tires grip better even on smooth surfaces, Then planning on her coming to hang out with "Team Tahoe" for a few days afterwards, since Kurt will be out of town for a few days. Plan on keeping her active and working out.. hopefully to include some Lake time.

I saw her about a couple of weeks ago as I was passing through town, once again there was small but noticable gains in her motor function, including increased movement in one of her feet, and definite firing in her left glut. Her home gym is pretty well set up for her to maintain her exercise regime, although of course it is always more fun and motivating if she has folks come by and visit and provide minor assistance while she is working out. So please do not be shy about offering to be a work out buddy. She continues to work hard, and still seeing gains for her efforts. Later, Sue

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Bugsy said...

Hi Kelley!! I saw the photos of you working your tush off at the PT center with little Wilbur (so cute!) and you in seat 1 at the outrigger world champs!! I was so delighted to see my burly boating betty paddling again and with such awesome form! What an inspiration you are to all of us. I think of you often and keep the Colorado girls updated with your progress from the blog. I check in every other week or so to see you, feel you and think of you. I really wish I were closer to help you with your rehab. I think we would both enjoy that. Keep truckin' Kel! Lots of Love--Bugsy