Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 15 Update

Well another eventful month has gone by… ..This photo is a mold of Kelleys legs, that will be used to make her some high tech leg braces so she can safely start walking again. At first this will happen between parallel bars , and then….. beyond…... Kelley continues to work hard at her PT, in between pain management, which is still a constant challenge.

She recently got a great new recumbent hand bike, will try to get picture of that next time. We did go out about a week ago for its first outing. She can ride right from her house to the bike trail along the American river. We got carried away and went out for about an hour and a half, it was one of those beautiful perfect fall days in Sacramento. Unfortunately some unused muscles got a little over worked and she’s been having to tend to some tweaks in the neck, going to have to taper a little more next time. But she can fly in that thing.

And she also now has some fulltime help for awhile. A few blogs back I told you about a woman named Margorie who also has TM, and has had remarkable recovery. A lot of her success she owes to an interesting fellow named Sean (a chinese scholar, and self taught physical therapist) who came to work full time with her, integrating physical therapy with massage. He has recently finished up working with another client and now will be working for Kelley. He will be living across the street from Kelley, and coming to work with her 6 days a week, 6+ hours a day. The consistency and professional capability Sean will provide for Kelley is going to be huge I think.

We will be planning some more fund raising events soon, to keep the coffers in Kelley’s NTAF account sufficiently funded. This will include a film showing of 3 women/300 miles in South Lake Tahoe, and scheduling some more donated outfitter river trips for next spring and summer. Keep in touch with this blog for more news on that, as well as Kelleys progress over the next few months. She is still determined to walk again, and we invite you all to do what you can to help in that journey, whether its donations, your prayers, coming by to go for a bike ride, drive her to appts. etc.….Thanks, Sue

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