Friday, April 10, 2009

I visited with Kelley this past weekend. She and Sean have been continuing to make progress. She walked for about 15 minutes, with her leg braces and walker from the living room, through the kitchen around the bedroom and back. Her progress is slow but deliberate. This is still walking for therapy, doing weight bearing exercise to rebuild nerves, muscles, connections…so that eventually she can walk for transport. After some massage and exercise, Sean then took her out on her new tricycle. Kelley straps her legs into this 3 wheeler, and with Sean providing a slight assistance by pulling on a strap, Kelley peddles.. The nerve pain is still bad, though it cycles with good days and bad days. But Kelley continues to never take a pain free moment for granted, and uses those for all she’s worth.
I am continuing to work on some fund raising events for her (San Juan River Trip, maybe a film showing in Truckee). Her NTAF fund is currently tapped out. Sean works at a very good price, but because he works with her so much, it still adds up. If you feel like you can help out, please send a contribution to her NTAF account, following the info presented on the side bar of the blog. Sue

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Ken Streater said...

Hi Kelley,

I would like to create and outfit a fundraiser for you on the Rogue. Please ask whoever is handling this side of your recovery to give me a call or email to discuss.

Keep up the great work. I think of you often and am inspired, impressed, and very, very hopeful.


Ken Streater