Sunday, June 21, 2009

Haven’t seen Kelley in a while, but we have been in touch. Her last email sounded very positive. She is able to crank a spin bike in the gym for 15 minutes on her own, and has been doing long hours of walking in her braces and walker, and assisted biking on her tricycle. Sean is still working with her almost every day, and at this point is working just for basic living expenses since we have run out of money in the NTAF account. We have planned some rafting fundraisers for this summer to help eventually reimburse Sean fairly for his invaluable role in Kelley’s recovery program. She has a relatively narrow window of opportunity to make the recovery that is possible for her, and this daily intensive training with Sean is the key to making the most of the ultimate outcome. We think the next 6 months will be especially key.

The raft trips being offered through the generous offers of outfitters are a two day Tuolumne trip on August 27th and 28th , and a one day + camping trip on the South Fork of the American on July 31st . The South Fork trip will have a women’s trip group, as well as a separate kids trip group. If you are interested in either of these trips please contact Zephyr Whitewater for the Tuolumne Trip, and Mariah Wilderness Expeditions for the South Fork Trip, or you can contact me at for more information. We also may need a few more volunteer guides for these trips, so please contact me if interested in doing that as well. I know I had said it before, but I will say it again, Kelley’s focus and ability to work through (and sometime having to just wait out) the nerve pain is something I think about almost every day, and keeps everything in my life in perspective. Makes the challenges I face in my life seem so easy in comparison. Keep sending her those positive vibes. Happy Solstice, Sue

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