Monday, April 26, 2010


At Mom's place...a log home my Dad and she built together surrounded in Larch, Lodgepole, Douglas fur and a few Ponderosa pines (the state tree and my Mom's favorite). The dust is finally settling from the whirlwind of unloading the rig my sister Kim and husband Lance hauled up north to Thompson Falls. A BIG THANK YOU to them! All the equipment is either on the front or back covered-porch. I look forward to organizing the house and porch where the equipment can be at hand and a routine established so I can finally start building strength back. Lance has already built a ramp making is easier to get in and out of the house...SO helpful to having freedom. It's beautiful here, peaceful and calm.Wilbur's Loving it!...he can now actually be a dog, running around exploring and smelling things...we love watching the deer coming and going on the sweet; they're losing their winter fur and looking scraggly--Wilbur quivering--dying for the chase. Just after arriving the temperatures were in 40-50's with some rain, with cloud bursting snow flurries, then the sun would peek through...very pretty. My bedroom is down stairs in the living-room, with a window at my left shoulder...I'm able to look out at any hour...knowing what the moon phases are in and seeing stars help me get back on track too...I like seeing it shine and light up the woods. Today's sunny and was nice to be out on the porch using the total-gym in the morning sun...and once I get into better shape I'll be able to catch a workout on the back porch with the paddle-one machine and spin-bike for afternoon sun and sunsets. There are some exercises I can do on my own...but there are some I can't....our friend and neighbor Ro, helped me this morning with my exercises...and has volunteered to help for the next 6 weeks I am here, 1-3 hours a day!! I am SO grateful. Thank You RO!! And Many Thanks Again to My Family: Mom-Lee and sister-Kim, and my brother inlaw-Lance who is both my Mom's and my hero, helping us get settled in!(hauling, lifting, and building my ramp, replacing the hot water-heater, logging dead trees and burning brush...etc). Thanks Lance!
Yeaaah I'm here, kelley

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MEF said...

Thqnks Kelley for letting us know how things are going. I can't wait to see some pictures. Biscuit and Gravy are jealous of Wilber !!! Keep on trukin' pal xooxox ME and the B and the G