Tuesday, May 25, 2010


"Neuroplasticity-When stimulated through activity, the brain compensates for damage by reorganizing existing connections, forming new neural pathways to accomplish needed functions. Undamaged axons sprout new nerve endings, which form connections with working nerve cells, as well as with neurons that were injured or severed" ~ Ro Fundum found this interpretation through her research and made copies of it (my New Mantra)....using beautiful photo's of running water for the back ground, that she took...Ro pinned them up to the walls of my Mom's house, so at every turn I'll have to focus on Neuroplasticity, my new buddy.

Ro is such a great friend, and neighbor to my Mom, and she has been helping me with rehab exercises and massage day in and day out...bringing with her a quiver of items to help with exercises or prosthetic improvements...Ro is quick to figure out easier or safer ways to exercises....inventing things such as a new and improved "softer" bike seat; foot wedges to help correct foot angles; pulley system for leg lifts; gravity boots so I can stretch-out my spine; an easier and safer way to get me on and off the spin bike...she is in constant motion researching every subject that comes up pertaining to my recovery!...I love it!

Since being in Montana, I have been either exercising, sleeping or eating...I've been wanting to Blog but it's been difficult to find time. There is so much I want to write. I have been making improvements with muscle movement and skin sensation. Sensation (touch) has developed more and more in my feet, hips and now right-side of right calf! We can see the muscles moving and developing more in my quads...while sitting on a table with legs hanging down, the right leg can actually kick forward about 1 inch! I can kick and pull...leg swinging back (1") and forth (1")!!! Lots of nerve pain is involved with my recovery...having any kind of feeling is good news, but it hurts like hell.

Today (May 25) Ro and I are heading to the Quinn's Hot Springs, about 45 miles away. I've been once before already...there's approx 5 different pools with different temperatures...it's nice the largest one I can do laps in and is the perfect temperature for my nerves. I really think the minerals in the hot springs can help, it makes me feel calm and relaxed after wards, perhaps it is beneficial for my nerve pain...swimming has always been great...now in warm water, I'm in heaven.
Many Thanks to Ro's continual, unwavering help, I'm deeply grateful.
Onward! Love, kelley

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