Sunday, June 27, 2010

HELL-Week in Southern Cal

It is the first morning I finally feel more like myself after arriving in Dana Point, last Sunday, 6/20. With a day of rest from the traveling we moved right into Project Walk's exercise regime...Jody and her daughter Makenzie helping--taking photos of the exercises I was doing and carefully taking notes so we could duplicate them later at home. Drips of sweat drop off the end of my nose, David my trainer who trains The Chargers in the off season in some kind of weight work, is carefully spotting me so I don't fall while telling me I have 2 more to go, then he looses count and say's 8 more to go!!..and so on...I'm wearing weight vest(s) to increase resistance. Like I said, I've been so wiped out from the week there has been no time to do anything else but eat and sleep. The weather is lovely and the energy to be outside and exercise surpasses any other place on the planet....being down here will keep me going for sure...Dana Pt is a cute town with a beautiful harbor and beach area with people out exercising in many different venues. This afternoon Jody's Mom Totsy, who is so kind and patient and full of energy (grand-daughter and daughter like mother) planned a BBQ at Doheny beach with family and a friend from her church, Ted, whos' handicap as well, whom I look forward to meeting and finding out some of the ins-and-outs of Dana Pt from a wheelchair perspective. In photo before workout Mak is helping me with the Active Ankles to help keep my foot from turning in.

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