Friday, June 11, 2010

My 4 Angels

Mom (Lee) and Ro have helped me so much, they've been in constant vigilance for my rehab and safety...I am so lucky and grateful for all their help. Ro is helping me walk in the photo to the right...wearing a black belt around my waste for Ro to hang onto while I wobble along. Mom below with her patience's and constant smile as well as keeping me fed and a bed with clean sheets. My other 2 Angels...Dudley and Wilbur (dogs) giving their unconditional love and always keeping us laughing too. Love, kelley P.S. I wanted to add my swimming on the black arrow at the bottom of dark screen

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fuzzywaters said...

Wow Kelley

I can tell you are working your tail off. I am going to have to look into the neuroplasticity. I think music helped me alot and sitting by the river just watching the currents. I wish you well, and pray for you a speedy and full recovery. I hope to boat with you some day. I feel like paths cross for a reason.
Exercise is religion
Fuzzy(Chris Clark)