Monday, July 19, 2010

Beach Beauty Shop / Looking for Room to Rent for Winter

Reanna just finished Cosmetologist School 3 days prior, and I was one of her first customers...not able to fit in the house with my chair, she set up shop in her beautiful back yard for me! I was so grateful for her time and skills....she did a excellent job! (photo: You can see Jody trying to hide behind the mirror stand while Reanna is "styling". Click on pic to make larger.)

Looking for Winter Housing
If anyone knows of a place I can live (rent) for the winter near the Calsbad area....or Encinitas. Oceanside, Vista.... My plan is to stay through the winter, working with Project Walk. The results my body is getting from working with the instructors has been outstanding!....I'm getting stronger, muscles are firing, and leg movement is improving!!
I can't be more grateful for the opportunity to be here....AND Thank You, to EVERYONE who has contributed to my rehabilitation, and helped make it possible for me to be here.
Sincerely, kelley

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