Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fundraiser & Film Showing in Thompson Falls, MT

Many thanks to Ro Fundum for organizing this Fundraiser & Film showing in Thompson Falls, Montana, this Friday Sept. 17. The event will help with the continuation of my rehab in southern Cal, at Project Walk.

Time: 5:00-9:00 pm - Silent Auction & Appetizer/Hors d' oeuvres/desserts; at 6:45 pm film "3 Women 300 Miles" (60 min).

Where: New Life Fellowship Hall - Airport Rd. Thompson Falls.
Suggested donation: $10

Ro & Carol Anne, and many others here in Big Sky Country have worked so hard putting together this fundraiser & showing...I am so blessed.

After last Thursdays workout--I pack my bag and was able to take the week of Sat. 9/11 to Sun. 9/19 off to be here in Montana, visiting Mom, relatives & friends. My parents have lived in Thompson Falls for 31 years and I have met so many wonderful people throughout those years....and I am looking forward to seeing them and meeting new friends Friday night.

At this time in my life I'm finding it difficult to have time to do "other things" such as write on the stamina has been low. I try to pace myself and conserve energy just to allow time for my exercise rehab, eating and wash clothes; my poor apartment kitchen floor needs to be cleaned! It's been interesting to be out on my own...good in many ways too, but somethings just don't get done. But I'm looking forward to Mom coming down, the end of Oct., for the winter! (looking forward to her company and help, and having more time to write on the blog ;). Wilbur and I get to go to the park everyday, that's a must...we've only missed a couple times.

Being here in Montana for the past 5 days has aloud me to catch up on sleep & relax, and walk the dogs around the beautiful block with Mom and Ro.

I appreciate immensely all the support everyone, everywhere has given me; making it possible for me to

be working at Project Walk. Movement and sensation is happening!! little by little, giving me more hope, and courage to keep going. Onward!!

Love and Blessings, kelley

P.S. For those who love Dogs & know Wilbur--he make a smile....

"Wilbur and the Squirrel in MT"

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