Monday, November 1, 2010

new wheelchair

It has been crazy, my nerve pain has been friggin out of control. At night I haven't been able to sleep...which is very different, I am usually able to sleep. This might be a good sign my pain is changing, with different sensations, a little bit more of a quad contraction...??? It is hard to know what is going on with the electrical cords running through my body...I do know there has been small improvements and the pain wipes me out! It's hard to keep up on the laundry, cleaning house, bathing or preparing's nice to have a Trader Joes near by!'s on the way home from Project Walk. Wilbur and I have been on our own for three months and for the most part we're doing okay, and that makes me feel proud and not so dependent. Our highlight is going to the park, being outside in the sun. Tuesdays and Thursdays we go to Project Walk for 4 hours. I try to get their an hour early to ride the FES bike (Functional Electrical Stimulation – it sends small electrical pulses to paralyzed muscles to restore or improve their function) then work with the trainers for 2 hours and stay another hour for standing or core work. Wed and Fridays are recovery days. If I am not too wiped out, on Saturday I try to get into PW to ride the FES bike and other workout stuff I can do on my own.

Barb Cartwright, a girl friend I have known as long as Julie Munger...we all ran rivers together in the early 80's, and I like to think that we still do. I remember back then, Barb told us about her brother who was sci injured. We felt awful for his injury. Barb emailed the other day...wondering if I knew of anyone who was in need of a wheelchair, her brother was donating his manual wheelchairs. Oh my gosh, Richard, her brother who was paralyzed. It came flashing back. I wondered how her brother is doing! She said he is hanging in there and was wanting to donate some wheelchairs. Well, Barb's email has come at a time when the front wheels on my chair have been having trouble staying on...yeah, they fell off twice but I wasn't going fast thank God!...the shop was also having trouble fixing them...they fell off twice more. I needed them would cost $480/wheel! After speaking with Barb, she UPS'ed Richard's chair the next day! has been a is so much easier to get around, making life more fun...but, has also made me sad knowing Richard has had to move into a power-chair. Richard you are in my prayers. I thank you , and want you to know how grateful I am, not only for the use of your chair, but for your inspiration and courage you give me everyday. And thank you Barb for your help...I look forward to seeing you! With Love and gratitude, kelley ~ the river flows...Onward!!

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Heather Brooks Freer said...

Oh, Kelley, I really hope your nerve pain is concentrating into increased mobility! When I hear about things like the fortuitous arrival of the wheelchair it makes me think that you really are in the flow of some greater river. For Steph Pope's fundraiser a friend made a bumper sticker that said "Keep Paddling, Steph!", or maybe it was "Paddle Hard, Steph!" Whatever it was, I think it'd be pretty perfect for you, too! Keep paddling, and paddle hard! You'll reach an eddy soon and rest up before the next set of rapids!
Christmas in Coloma is this weekend - we'll be thinking of you!