Saturday, November 17, 2007

Furnishing the new digs

Am helping coordinate furnishing the new house, so that K and K have enough but not too much at their new digs, knowing this all has to be moved to somewhere else in 6 months. The following is what I think would work, what we currently have covered and what we still need. The furniture should be lightweight (like swedish,ikea design) so it is not to bulky or heavy. Please let me know if anyone has anything to donate in the still need list, even if it is a 6 month loaner (which you will transport there and back home). They do not want you to go out and buy new stuff for them, so just looking for things your planning to replace with upgrades at your home. I am planning on checking out some second hand furniture stores tomorrow as well to see what might be available close by. Would like to get them mostly outfitted by the end of thanksgiving weekend, in preparation for Kelleys projected discharge date of the 27th. Call or email if you have one of the things on the list and it is available by that weekend or earlier. Thanks, Sue

Still need:

Comfy, not to ugly couch
Dining room table for 4 to 6 people
4 dining room chairs
front loading washer/dryer
pillows both bed and couch
light weight outdoor patio table with 4 chairs
bedroom table lamps
one standing living room lamp
end tables?
Small lightweight book case
Small computor work station

What we think we have:

From Dawn:
Chaise lounge
Lightweight end tables (number?)
Queen bed
Thin rug for living room

From Lisa and Sue
Coffee table
Queen bed
Space foam topper mattress
End table

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