Monday, November 19, 2007

Kelley's Friends Rock

Leave it to Kelley to have a group of friends happy to take a Sunday to clean a musty and dusty house !!! Patti Boyer, Sandy, Darin O and Cheryl V armed with their favorite cleaning supplies, evicted the spiders, shook up all the dust and washed the place from head to toe. The supervisors, Jody and Carol, approved of our work and gave us the okay to go... Lance and Jim started early on the ramp and made plans for the bathroom renovations. It was fun and heartwarming to go through the house and listen to people telling how they knew Kelley and adding some fun story about her and her kindness. I loved the story about how Carol found Wilbur at the nurses station while Kelley was taking a test !!! The house is a god send, it is a Tahoe-type cottage in the woods surrounded by the city. There are 2 on site gardeners in goats clothing and plenty of room for Wilbur to roam. Very peaceful. Thanks again to the cleaning crew You Rock !!! Mary Ellen

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