Monday, November 12, 2007

Housing Taken Care Of

Well I am happy to say nobody has to call me with housing leads, because a great option on housing has just been secured for the next 6 months in Fair Oaks through a friend in the Hui O Hawaii outrigger club. From what I saw today with her ability to huck herself around from bed to wheelchair and back, I still believe it will not be long before she will be able to go home, although they haven't said anything specific yet. Kelley continued to get good rest throughout the weekend. The pain Kelley is experiencing is a nerve pain specific to this condition, and is likely to go on in some form or another for months. It feels prickly, stingy, burny, she describes it like the feeling of skin coming out of frostbite, and seems to show up different places at different times. Rest seems to be really key in helping manage how aggravating this nerve discomfort gets, which is why we are being such Nazi's about the visiting. What Kelley is going through right now is exhausting on so many levels, and even simple conversations can be really taxing when they occur at the wrong time or too often. But we let her know about all the communications of support that has been sent and I don't think I can express how much it means to her. Lets hope for a good week, after a restful weekend they start back on the aggressive PT tomorrow to get her ready for outpatient life. Sue

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sarah canfield said...

dear kelley,
i think of you every day and pray for your quick recovery. I wish i could come see you, we could reminisce over old (knee surgery) times, talk about old pets, gossip about new happenings. I think of you often because so much of my home has been touched by you: a rug with ducks on it in my hallway, kids books about alaska that i read regularly, a vase beth let me have that you brought from costa rica, items in my wardrobe thanks to your fabulous recycle ethic....
i get that visitors are not welcome. But i go to Folsom a lot, since spence's office is there, and i'm hoping that i can see you and offer support during some of those quiet midweek times after you get out of the joint. I'm ready and eager to help, just waiting for the right time. All our love and prayers,
sarah, spencer and the girls.