Monday, November 12, 2007


Hello Friends!
THANKS SO MUCH FOR CHECKING IN ON KK and for the e-mail response! It is truly incredible. I am forwarding your e-mails to Kelley and when she feels better; she will start to catch up. The goal now is to get her through REHAB and out of the hospital.
She is working hard in rehab, getting a little sore and resting! THANKS SO MUCH FOR GIVING KELLEY HER SPACE TO REST and ADJUST! I will post something as soon as she is ready for visitors. Right now she is appreciating the time to rest and recover; but loves and misses all of you! She looks forward to seeing those of you who will be able to visit in the coming months and e-mailing those of you far away.
Right now the big push is to find a house for Kelley and Kurt in Fair Oaks or Folsom. If any of you have any leads or reliable housing suggestions; please call Sue Norman at (530)400-9888. We are hoping to find them their own place with one or two bedrooms that is wheel chair accessible or convertable. Thanks for any ideas!
There is reallly no way to know what the future will hold for Kelley's recovery. It will be a day to day adventure for her and as you know; Kelley will be putting all her energy into healing!
We are still exploring the best Trust/Non-profit fund raising/account options and will let you know as soon as somthing is final.
Thanks for all your love and support and the e-mails!


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