Sunday, November 4, 2007

KK has a NEW BIGGER ROOM! 5139-02

Hello KK supporters!
Great news tonight! KK is doing great! Her attitude is awesome. She is not in pain and looking good! They have moved her to a new and bigger room that was originally for three people and now is only for two. At this time; she has it all to herself!!! She is enjoying it while she can and it is luxurious for a room.

HER NEW ROOM is 5139-02( the 02 is for bed 2) and her number is (916)703-8540!

It looks like KK may be up for visitors this week!!! Keep checking the blog!

Thank you all!!!



Jeannine said...

I Love You Kelley!
I know that you are getting stronger every second!
I am starting to learn more about this condition that is ailing you.

I am praying and meditating on for the right oils and minerals to help you and your healing properties.

I am glad to know that so many people are around that you love.So I know that you shouldn't feel alone .

I am sending you more strength through positive thoughts and trying to be helpful in some little way.
You are a precious human being.
You must see and truly feel all of the love that surrounds you now Kelley.
You are in my heart always.
Keep up the good work,and get well soon my sweet friend!
Love You!
Take Care.
Your Friends in Carmichael,CA,
Jeannine & Ginger Shoemaker
Thank You Julie!

Jody said...

Kelley has a new room and a new roommate as of Sunday night. She is pretty uncomfortable this morning (11/5). Hopefully they can get her pain back in control soon.

She did feel well enough to read some emails and blogs last night. She was truely inspired by all the kind words and thoughts! You guys are awesome!

Sorelegs said...

Go Kelley go! Glad you are feeling better lately. We are thinking of you lots.

Casey said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kelley, George, Leona, and Kim.

Love, Casey and Mitch Shaffer