Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Update, Tuesday 11/6

No real new news to report. The inflammation in Kelleys spinal cord is still running its course, so the treatment is still limited to monitoring the progress of that, managing her pain, and running different tests to rule out different causal agents. Kelley keeps having a mix of good periods, and difficult periods with the pain management so it has been hard on her. They keep mixing up the drugs they give her when one stops working or causes to much nausea. She is hanging tough, but of course we would all expect that. The PTs and nurses are amazed at how agile she is and easy to move around, but of course she is doing most of the work herself. Keep your prayers and positive thoughts flowing, Sue

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Tori Robinson said...

Thanks for updating us. We are all thinking of Kelley and wishing her all the best. It's a long slow road and we are committed to going right on down the road with her, so please let her know that while we are all giving her space to heal and focus, we are also sending good vibes and waiting for opportune visiting times. I, for one, am happy to come down and move a leg for her whenever she beckons. Stay positive Kelley. We love you and wish you well.
Tori Robinson and the Coloma gang