Friday, January 4, 2008

New Medical Situation

Kurt had to take Kelley to the UC Davis emergency room on December 31st.
She had 'free air' in her abdomen, meaning that there was a rupture
somewhere in her bowel. Kelley went in to exploratory surgery that
evening. She was found to have a perforation in her colon. After
maintaining through a very critical period, she has now stabilized in
her vital signs. She is currently resting and recovering from this
ordeal at Davis, it is currently unknown how long she will need to be there.

Kurt and Kelley's family ask that there be no visiting during this time.
as Kelley's exposure to outside germs needs to be absolutely minimized.
She has no energy to field phone call and will need to rest in
order to recover. Please stay tuned to this Blog to find out when she is
able to recieve phone calls and visits again, and to check on her progress.

Keep her and her healing in your thoughts, Sue