Saturday, January 26, 2008

Collective Healing Mediation, 12:00 pm PST Sunday


Below is part of an e-mail message sent by Rowena, a friend of
Kelley's mother, Leona. Rowena suggests a short 'collective thought
session' with positive thought or prayer directed towards Kelley's
healing. I especially like what Rowena writes: "we can meditate on her
regaining her health by focusing on the joy of that healing outcome,
rather than focusing on the trauma that she is currently
experiencing". I think she makes a very important clarification in
how we should direct our energetic thoughts.

Kelley wishes to have the first session tomorrow, Sunday @ 12:00 noon,
PST, for about 5 minutes. Remember to adjust for your individual time
zones. At this time, Kelley herself will be in meditation, receiving
your loving, healing thoughts and prayer.

Please spread the word,

Loving Regards,

Rowena writes:
I believe our thoughts are powerful things. Even science has proven this
as fact. Also, the more emotion that is felt with the thought, the more
powerful that thought is. I believe we can create amazing changes in our
lives with the power of our thoughts. I believe that two people meditating
on the same thoughts increases the power of those thoughts not just
double, but tenfold, or even one hundred fold. Imagine how powerful it
would be if a good sized group of people meditated on the same thoughts,
and at the same time!

I believe the things that happen in our lives are a result of our
collective thoughts. There are so many people living in the world today
with so many varied thoughts, which is why I think there is so much
diversity in the events we experience. There is love, hate, trauma,
exhilaration, pain, pleasure, etc. We can each create great changes in our
own lives by the thoughts and emotions we have, but I believe we are also
somewhat at the mercy of the thoughts of others. I believe our thoughts
are all interconnected, but those thoughts that are closer to us can have
more impact.

All that being said, I believe that when we think of Kelley and what she
is going through, it is important to dwell on every positive thing we can.
When obstacles arise, it is good that they are taken care of quickly, and
not dwelled upon.

When it comes to our thoughts, there are always two sides to every
subject.... the subject itself, and the 'lack of' that subject. In
Kelley's situation, with health being the subject, we can meditate on her
regaining her health by focusing on the joy of that healing outcome,
rather than focusing on the trauma that she is currently experiencing.

>From the little exposure I have had to Kelley's friends via reading the
blog, I've gotten the impression that this is a positive, enlightened
group of people, who will understand that I don't mean to invalidate
Kelley's suffering in any way. I know it is very difficult for those who
are extremely close to her, and that when she suffers, her family also

So in my own meditation, I will take some extra time to include healthy
positive thoughts for all of you as well. I already have a couple of my
own close contacts waiting for me to give them a time for the group
prayer/meditation. As I have not kept my friends up to date much, this
will be a routine meditation, done out of love for a fellow human being.

Thank you, Rowena.

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Ro Fundum said...

I have had some great responses from friends who participated in the meditation. Here is one of my favorites, from Tina Morkert of Thompson Falls:

I did it. I laid the hands of the universe on Kelly's wounds and felt the universe flow through me. I ran the length of her spine, and felt her healing. I envisioned her kayaking the grand canyon again and helping millions of others with the strength or her lessons from this time. The hairs on my neck raised. It was beautiful. May the collective beliefs of our faith and the collective magic of the universe have made a difference
in the life of this one who is all of us. Thank you for the opportunity.
Love you man,

Thank you Tina, and everyone else who participated. Love to all, Ro