Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Update, January 30

Kelley was released from UC Davis on Monday evening. She is back home and taking visitors. Do call and arrange in advance if you can, just to make sure your timing is good.


Sarah said...

Dear Kelley, Kurt and amazingly supportive family & friends!

We've never met but I just wanted you to know that I'm sending my healing, positive thoughts your way. I recently was made aware of your situation after donating a Quickie GT wheelchair to the Disabled Sports USA Far West chapter this past Tuesday.

I believe you now have use of this beaut of a chair and hope it serves you well. If there is strength to be passed on through inanimate objects, you are sure to have a huge dose of it coming your way!

Sarah Wenstrand

Ronaldo said...

Yes! Kel, great to hear you are home. We think of you everyday, we miss you and we love you. Ronaldo, Ocean, Summer and Jennifer.

Tori Robinson said...

Hey Kelley
We are thinking of you always and wishing you the strength and peace to get through this. Stella has drawn many pictures for you and I realized I don't have your address, so I will chase that down. If anyone wants to email it to me, that would be grand.Stay strong, stay positive and celebrate the good moments however small they may seem. Our thoughts and good vibrations are with you and we are cheering you with every milestone. Don't forget an entire community is standing by and ready help.
Stay strong,
Tori and family

Bobby Knight said...

Dear Kelly and Kurt,
I missed yesterday's meditation, but I was part of a group of about 15 people who gather together and do a healing meditation on the 1st friday of each month. We state our intentions before we start and I spent that 30 minutes sending you my love and healing energy. I saw you happy, healthy, and whole, running and completely well, as I am sure you will be. The yogi's say that when you meditate for a particular need you should frame your thoughts with gratitude for the results you wish to have. It is done this way because that is the affirmation the universe understands. Rowena is saying the same thing in different words and I believe she is spot on. I also have some beautiful healing mantra's that I would be glad to bring to you when you feel up to or wish to receive them. You're in my prayers and thoughts on a daily basis. Please email me when you are ready to receive visitors, or if you would like me to bring you these beautiful healing mantras.
Much love and many blessings,

Cris Barsanti said...

Dear Kelley,
I'm happy to hear that you are home. I hope that means that you are feeling somewhat better.

Last week I received a copy of your DVD, 3 Women 300 Miles. It is just fabulous, Kelley. What an extraordinary journey, and what amazing women the 3 of you are! You did a wonderful job photographing your trip, and Carr's lanscape photos are gorgeous. I'm so impressed with how professional the DVD is, as impressed as I always am with everything that you do.
(If anyone failed to order a copy at the Coloma fundraiser in Dec, I believe that you can still get a copy by contacting Julie Munger. I'm sure that river people will love it.)

It was good to participate in the group meditation a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully more are planned.

Much love and many healing thoughts to you, Kelley. Love Cris

keadenali said...

Dearest KK,
Add UTAH to the states in the union that have you in our thoughts - no it is not Mit Romney nor LDS President Hinkley (RIP) or the Tabernacle Choir (although I am sure they would add you to their prayers).... but rather the third heartbeat in the VE25 trying to stay dry with you and D.O. during the AK Disco era. You better know by now how great you are!

Me, the pooch (RIP), and thousands of happy fishes are sending you our best wishes (rhyme thyme). Looking forward to catching up with you. Cheers, PG

donna said...

Dear Kelley,
I think of you lots and lots and was in Panama during the group meditation. So, positive thoughts were coming from Central America. You are an amazing woman, strong, with tons of friends and support, and I know you'll be paddling soon.

Love ya, Donna

Louis & Janet said...

Hey Kelley & Kurt,

Glad to hear you're back home! Louis and I think of you often, sending the healing energy of the sea your way (luckily it blows west out here). I had a dream about you the other night - we were just hanging out, talking, and you were well on your way to a recovery. It was very "real", and I woke up feeling really connected to you. I look forward to seeing you when we get back and realizing that dream with you.

Lots of love...

Janet & Louis