Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 19th Update

Not much to report exept the following excerpt from an email I got from Kelley today that I think best describes where she is at right now..

"My pain seems to be getting a little better or at least I can predict when it will come and the bouts are getting less strong and not as long, or I'm getting used them"

She has also had some important doctors visits recently. One with a new primary care physician at Davis who she thinks will be more aggressive about keeping track of all of her medical history and progress, on all different levels, and hopefully managing her future care better. And she also saw an infectious disease specialist who will be agressively pursuing some answers regarding how much schisto may have been involved in all of this. This is more for Kelleys peace of mind, since at this point it will not change the damage that has been done, or affect her recovery from the paralysis and nerve pain. On that front nothing significant to report other then it does appear the pain issues are getting better, and that can only help with the rest of her recovery. Sue

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