Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5, Update

No big news to report since the last blog. Kelleys condition is about the same, and she is continuing to push herself more to get out and do things despite the nerve pain discomfort and the effects of the drugs. Last weekend we had a fairly lengthy outing at a local park, to check out the vernal pools and let the dogs cavort at the dog park. Its still a tough go though, and the drugs make her very tired sometimes.

We are continuing to schedule fundraising efforts to make sure money does not become an issue. So far things are stable relative to that. Her insurance is awsome, and her NTAF account balance currently adequate to pick up what insurance doesn't cover. However her physical therapy and accupunture insurance limits are likely to run out well before the calendar year is over, and they are critical to keep going.

So thinking ahead, there are a few things coming up. The Yampa trip donated by OARS over Memorial Day weekend is almost full. George (the owner) is going to donate all the profit from the trip to Kelley. A special bonus for that trip is Julie Munger and her partner Abby are going to come, and are working on getting permission from the Park Service to bring riverboards for the customers to use with them as guides/instructors on the trip.

We also are going to show the 3 women, 3 hundred miles DVD at the Louden Nelson Auditorium in Santa Cruz, on Saturday June 7. Will send a reminder as that gets closer. I also have gotten 100 copies of this DVD to sell. See details for that to the left side of the page if you want to purchase, 90% of the proceeds go to kelley from the DVD sales. Thats all for now, Sue

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