Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 28 Update

Well last couple of weeks have been busy for Kelley. She spent last week and weekend down in Santa Cruz and San Jose, spending much of that time at Dr. Zhu's office. Kelley does have some muscles in her lower body working ( I can see alot of hip, and some hamstring), and she is learning a whole regimen of exercises to continue to try to rebuild the connections between her brain and those muscles, and get them to work stronger and more reliably. It is hard, tedious work, and frustrating for her when she can't get the response she is focusing on. And of course this all has to be accomplished within the contraints of her medications and pain levels. The bottom line, it ain't easy.....

She also found out about a very progressive physical therapy clinic in Pleasanton (thru another patient of Dr. Zhu's) called SCI-FIT, which specializes in spinal cord injuries. She had her first appointment with them last thursday and was very impressed with what they were offering, with even more sophistication in an exercise regimen suited to her goals. So we are still trying to figure out the logistics that will enable her to get the treatment she needs, with a part time place to live in the East Bay, and more reliable coaches/trainers/care givers that can get her where she needs to be between SCI_FIT and Dr. Zhu's and help her with her exercise program.
Lastly, Kelley got some good news about her lastest MRI which she got on Tuesday. Her neurologist said it looks very good, with almost all the inflamation resolved her spine.
She has a week in Sacramento right now, but will be starting up again with SCI-FIT and Dr.Zhu towards the end of next week. We will keep you posted on her progress, and please send her your encouragement to stay strong...its overwhelming sometimes, but we are continuing to try to just take it one step at a time...... .


Heather Brooks Freer said...

We love you, Kelley! Happy 4th of July!

Heather, Tom, Jordan & Sawyerugzfut

dminter1 said...

I woke up this morning thinking about Kelley. It's been years since we've seen each other or talked but she is in my prayers and hopes for a full recovery. I have learned while recovering from my own injuries (brain injury) how important it is to take it one day at a time. I know she can relate to the days when you celebrate a small improvement and other days when you are scared because it feels like you've taken 10 steps backwards. Keep your eyes on the prize girl there is so much love in you and flowing your way you are bound to heal.

Love, love, love, Deborah (Spark)

Todd Archibald said...

Dear Kelly,

This is your cousin Todd Archibald.

My Mom keeps me updated.

I'm sending you loads and loads, sprinkles and sprinkles of
Healing energy,
Peace for your mind and
Joy for your Heart.