Saturday, July 19, 2008

July 19 Update

I have not seen Kelley since the last blog, but she been getting some key help from others. Thanks Tiffany and Caroline for joining in the effort the last couple of weeks (and of course Maria continued commitment). The following is an exerpt from Tiffany's message on the caregiver site, that gives you an idea of what is going on...

"First, I wanted to thank Kelley and Kurt for welcoming me into their home. I enjoyed spending time with Kelley again. I know sometimes when a persons life is going through multiple changes (buying a new home, moving, and learning to
walk again) its hard to have house guests. It takes energy to explain all the new experiences with each and every person that comes in wanting to visit and help. I marvel at Kelleys strength and patience with herself and others.
She is putting her abundance of energy into healing, and getting herself moving again. She and Kurt are doing such a great job to get all the equipment together so Kelley can do the most physical therapy possible. Shes away from
her computer often, not because she doesn't want to communicate with her friends , but because she knows how to completely focus on her healing. She voices often her gratitude for her friends." ....Tiffany

Kelley more or less has a routine she is trying to maintain. Tuesdays and Fridays she is trying to spend in the east bay with either/and Dr. Zhu (scalp acupuncture) and SCI-Fit (focused therapy center for spinal cord injuries). These are long days...the rest of the days she is in Sac either doing PT at her local facility, at home, or occasionally paddling. The goal is to keep moving as much as possible, to bring the connections back between her brain and her muscles, and recover from the atrophy in her lower body. She feels like she is continuing to get stronger, and her latest activity has been crawling. As she says "it ain't pretty" but she can do it, and it works alot of core, upper body. and upper leg I assume.

Anyway do call her to check in.... particularly if you want to drop by and help her with errands or doing her PT. She doesn't have much time for plain old visiting, but there is usually always something you can help her with, and have the opportunity to visit at the same time. Thanks, Sue

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Enoch Gordis said...

Thanks, Sue.
Those of us living far from California and who care about Kelley are very grateful to you, Sue, for your detailed and informative reports, and of course, for your continuing help to Kelley.
Wish you both well!
Enoch Gordis