Saturday, January 31, 2009

Well we had a fundraiser for Kelley last weekend here at the Lake Tahoe Community College. Showed the 3 Women/3 Hundred miles DVD and our outrigger canoe club hosted a social mixer with appetizers and soft drinks before and after the movie. Almost sold out the 200 seat theatre. I have been hearing all week how moved my friends and co-workers were by the film and her story. Very generous donations were received which will help replenish Kelley’s NTAF account. If anyone reading this blog wants to host a fundraiser please feel free to contact me. I can line you up with a DVD, info for setting up donations through the NTAF, and possibly free event insurance (if held in California). The best part is Kelley came up to attend the fundraiser, and visit with folks afterwards. I also got a chance to meet Sean finally, Kelley’s full time therapist, coach, and ‘angel’. He is a gem. So attentive and focused on Kelley’s needs and capacity, and a personality full of exuberance and light. The next day, Sean did a workout session in the morning with Kelley at my house, then we took a drive out to Emerald Bay to show him Lake Tahoe. Kelley can practice standing with a Walker now in her leg braces, so she doesn’t need to travel with the easy stand to get the weight bearing exercise she needs on her legs when she is traveling. My floor was a little to slippery for her to walk with the Walker, but she does do this at her home. She also told me this week that she went to the gym and was able to turn the pedals on a spin bike on just her own power. So the gains continue, slowly but surely. The photos with this blog are of Kelley doing some pool therapy, and she can “pedal” her legs pretty well in the pool too. So the gains continue, slowly but surely.

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cfsonline said...

Hi Kelly,
I don't believe we ever met but I wanted to wish you well, and say I sincerely hope you're condition continues to improve!

A fellow outdoor enthusiast,
Carl Ramstrom