Tuesday, January 6, 2009

January 6, 2008

Well its along time since the last post, but wanted to wait until I got some good beta about the trip to Johns Hopkins Hospital by Kelley and Kurt. Kurts description is below, and the photos show Kelley standing and walking in her new leg braces, and working through some nerve pain with her love cell Wilbur. Nothing like a little puppy love to help you through the tough times. Sue.

Kurts says: " Our trip to Johns Hopkins was very positive overall. We went to two different centers. One was for physical rehabilitation (Kennedy Krieger Institute) and the other was the formal Transverse Myelitis medical group at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Both centers did a full workup on Kelley, including bone density scan, Optic nerve testing, full bloodwork and another spinal tap for a special test. We are still waiting on several of the results. However, all tests that are concluded show that Kelley is very capable of performing the hard work she needs to do in order to recover. Kelley had a full week of physical rehab at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. She learned several new exercises there and came home with prescriptions for an improved wheelchair backrest and seat. Most importantly, they also prescribed an electronic muscle stimulator unit. This will help Kelley combat muscle atrophy during the time that she needs to regain motor function. At both facilities, we welcomed the staff's willingness to look at Kelley from a fresh perspective. And although there are so many variables and mysteries about Kelley's condition of Transverse Myelitis, we did feel comfortable that these people really know what they are doing. I think that the greatest and most lasting impression gained was the positive energy that everyone projected towards Kelley's recovery. Nerve pathways can grow back in time, and the limits to this are very much related to the individual's capacity for very hard work. Getting such a positive a feeling from the staff has raised Kelley's own determination to an even higher level."


Randy said...

Even super dog and super woman need a little nap! Rock on Kelley.

Amy G said...

Hi Kelly,
I have not seen you at the gym lately. Are you doing Okay? Please let me know. Hopefully you're just busy. My prayer for you today is that you feel the presence of God as you understand God and that you feel loved. be well, your friend Amy