Monday, October 26, 2009

Words cannot express my Gratitude.

Last Friday Oct. 23, there was a fundraiser held in my honor...but it is I, who is deeply honored to have such special friends.

Whew!!! I am completely overwhelmed! Dear Tiffany Shiro, thank you for taking that spark of a dream and making it a reality. As well as Steve Shiro, Sarah Canfield, Janet Debret, Janice Stanley, Michell Sage, Kay Osborn, Sue Campbell, Bessie Jackson, Chris Spaulding, Howard Penn...(I am sorry if I have left anyone out) words cannot express my gratitude...thank you all so much for your generous gift of love by taking the time to put together such an event!!!

There are still so many many people I want to thank for making the event possible. Everyone who gave their time in preparing for many hours, days, and months. All the people who donated the auction items and trips...I am so curious of who won the Molokai, Costa Rica, Baja, and Tahoe trips!!..thank you for the food and drink donations; merchants and businesses that sold tickets; Howard Penn for having such a great place to gather at the Sierra Nevada House; and all the wonderful musicians who performed and gave their time.

My dear friends and family, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support in coming to the Jam Fest benefit...I was truly overwhelmed and was so happy to have gotten the chance to say hello to so many!!...and I am sorry for the ones I didn't. I was sitting relaxing in the sun over the weekend, recovering and reflecting on our Friday night, trying to remember All the folks I spoke with or just saw from a distance hoping to say hi. Remembering off the top of my head...of all you wonderful people who are part of my life...

Thank you for coming:

Kurt and Mom "Lee"~thanks for bringing me to the event!; my sister Kim & Lance; my cousins Marvin bukema, Steven & wife Suzanne Franklin; there were friends from high school: bless you Rogar Watson; Cathy "McIntire" (love to Doris-mom) and Larry Patterson; Dana Foy Pedrizzettis~thanks for your gift and yummy candy!; Ricky Day; Gina & Leanne & Kim; Steve Abel; Ron,Leslie Vardanega & beautiful daughters; Katie "Mulligan"; Mike Paiva; Lisa & coach Bruce Boyle; Linda Chavez; Carol & Mark Water; my Girl Scout leader Donna & daughter Tony "Conley"; my trainer Sean Cheng xie xie; Vince & wife thank you for your kind words and awesome music!; River bros Jimmy Katz and John & EJ Kipping; Mike & Jan Turney; Pat Lehey;
Thorn Barrager; Howie & Pamela Hammermann~a special thanks; Abigail (miss you Juju); Tanya & Sherrie; Doug Stadler & mom Heike and dad; Kelley & Eric Ahola~yummy brownies thanks!; Charles Albright; Wilbur say's hi to Lynn and Dorthy & husband; Mike & Hildi Fentress; Eric & Moira Magneson; Erin Davis; Kay Osborn and daughter Shannon & darling daughter; Jayne & Allen; Mark Hauck; Michell Sage; Sue Campbell & Mary; Randy,Jen and Tanner Calvin; Tiff & Steve Shiro and Mom; Jim Bauldini; Pat Lahey; Jonas; Louis & Janet Debret; Tom VanNord & Susan; Terry & Tommy Anderson; Tim & Patso Madden; Phil & Mary DeRiemer; Sarah & Spencer~so good to see you Spenc! and sweet daughters Cassidy & Dana Rubin; Caroline Paul & friend Wendy; Janice Stanley; Tina Coleman; Sue Norman thanks for being there for me always; Lisa Dearing~thanks; Laura Bowle~thanks & friend Lisa; Kerry & Judy; Linda Whitney; RB Clark, son & daughter Sienna (maybe we'll go skiing); Renee, aunt & mom; Miki Miyashiro; Kim & John Green; Phil Boyer and mom Patty & Beau; Kiwi Andy; Robin King; Mo Daly; Heather Snow; Wesley(hi to Mo); Brad & Bessie Jackson; Erin Jackson; Julie Stanley~thanks; Marty Booth; Bill Center; and there were others there supporting me who I met for the first time...I'm so sorry if I forgot your names.

Jeff Snyder, Oh My Gosh!! Jeff surprised me and filled me with so much emotion, I was touched and speechless. During the silent auction Jeff bid and won the most beautiful painting, that he himself donated! Jeff had acquired this painting for $3700 at a previous fundraiser held for me. And to top it off, later in the evening Jeff gave me this most awe-inspiring piece of artwork, an oil painting of women outrigger paddling in Hawaii, with velvet green mountains as a backdrop...when I look at it, I can imagine, me getting into that canoe. And as I do, I can feel the perfect warm soft water where it meets the sand washing over my feet and toes. Thank you Jeff, your gift gives me Hope and Faith that I will walk again. Mahalo, Aloha Jeff! The painting was originally donated in the previous fundraiser and painted by Ronald Macedo, a good friend living on Maui with his family (hi Naldo, Jen, Summer, & Ocean I miss you all).

"It has been 2 years since I have been paralyzed and not a day goes by when I have not thought about how deeply grateful I am to the people who have contributed to helping me physically, spiritually and financially. I continue to get better everyday, and everyday there is a new light of hope"
. For so long I have been wanting to write....and with that I wish to convey my belated expression of my deepest gratitude to Sue Norman, for being there for me every step of the way...and thank you for blogging my story and being my voice!

On another Note, but along the same line the fundraiser Showing "3 Women" on September 27th. I'd like to Thank very good friend of mine, Kitty "Couch" Tulga for organizing a great event; And Mark Tulga, Kathy "Hill" and her husband too, for all your patients and help...and giving your time.

To you all, thanks for helping me to be strong. I love you guys.
In Loving Gratitude, kelley

P.S.  Some of the final proceeds are still trickling in, but the bottom line is, it looks like a little over $20,000 was raised for Kelley's account with the NTAF, Spinal Cord Injury Program.  Kelley uses this account established through this non-profit organization to pay for her medically related expenses not covered by her insurance, including the essential and rigorous physical therapy she needs to achieve her rehabilitation goals, without jeapordizing the public assistance she is also receiving.  Your tremendous efforts and generosity have given her renewed hope and opportunity for recovery.( p.s.s.  I got one of the Costa Rica trips in the auction!)Sue


Louis & Janet said...
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Janet Debret Maineri said...

Dear Kelley, You've touched so many people in your life - you have always been and continue to be such an inspiration to me and so many others. We are all there for you because of who YOU are...your generous kind spirit, your strength, your humble ways and acceptance of all of us. I'm so glad you were there the other night, lighting up the room! I love you...Janet

Tiffani said...

It was so great to see you out!!! Seeing all those people flocking to you made me realize how much and how many people miss you. I hope that night gives you a little more wings beneath your wings. that must have been an emotional blog to write.
I hope we can keep hanging out. Thanks for allowing us to have a great party. I hope you'll come to many other social gatherings. We miss you so much.

Laura Bowly News said...

So glad to have been a part of that special event Kelley -- thank you for inviting me to perform. Wonderful to see you and Kurt, and so many of our friends from the Canyon trip! So many amazing memories. Love you Kelley! xo Laura

madcookie said...

Kary and I don't know you as well as some but we have always liked you. So, how can we not support you when you have a need?
Bottom line, it sucks that you got this illness and we would wish it away if we could, but we can't. So, we do what we can to help.
Take care of yourself, your man, and Wilbur, The Muppet dog.
Much love,

Erin said...

It was incredible to see you there! It was a giant Love Fest. What a wonderful community/family we share.

I want to express my personal gratitude to you for inspiring me to open my scope to experience a more intimate relationship with the river, the Canyon, the Great Mother. Your generosity and willingness to share your experience gave me support and the trust that dreams can be attained.

Your dream to walk again has all the support of this community. Keep up the faith. You are healing!