Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Slow and steady...strong and calm.

Yesterday was a HUGE day for me. I had my 4 month doctor follow-up after breaking both distal (near knee) femurs last July. Kurt took time off work and drove me...I like it when he is with me, and he can help ask the right questions. My doctor was super happy with the x-rays; the hardware was in place, and it showed good calcium bone growth...where there was not any before! REHAB BEGINS! My doctor wants me to start working on bending...SLOWLY!... using only gravity to work the knees. At present the right knee bends 60 degrees and my left is less than 30. My doctor said I have a 50% chance of being able to bend my left knee 90 degrees, enough to where I would be able to ride a bike. I had a knee replacement before I was paralyzed, and the break is at the knee level. My fall really knocked the replacement out of whack, making the left knee more complicated and difficult to repair and to heal. I will be using my rented wheelchair with my legs straight-out for 2 more months, and still no swimming. Today, I woke up and started "passively" bending my knees. I'm gonna ride that bike. Slow and steady...strong and calm. Thank you all for checking in on me. kelley


Heather Brooks Freer said...

Hi Kelley,
We were so sorry to miss the event but you are in our thoughts constantly! Glad to hear your bones are mending. Much love - the Freers

Bugl3t said...

HI, Kelley,
I wish I could have been at the event to see you but am happy to have contributed in some small way to seeing you get back out there!

I know you will do it. PLEASE let me know well in advance about any other fundraiser I could possibly contribute a painting or other artwork to. I'm glad your mom liked the jewelry.
--Donna Casey

Lisa Patton said...

Take it EASY Kelley- but onward you go, it will take time but you will heal and do it. We are thinkin' of you- Daryn has two vertebrates in his neck that are hurt- one herniated, one buldging- he had an MRI last week- so he is healing with you. slow and steady he says.

Lisa, Tommy and Daryn

ronaldo said...

Good to hear from you Kel. We love you and always thinking of you. Nice to hear that the rehab can start. Love Macedo's. Ronaldo, Jen, Ocean and Summer.

Katy said...

Hi Kelley!

I'm thrilled to hear your doctor's appointment went well.

You never cease to amaze me in what you can accomplish and I know in time you'll succeed.

It was lovely to see your warm smile!

Hugs, Katy Mulligan

canyonwren said...

Yeah good news! Keep yer chin up gal, you can do it . Everybody is pulling for you! Love shay

canyonwren said...
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