Sunday, January 24, 2010

I got an A+...

It is true, when it rains it pours...the barometer keeps dropping and my nerve pain keeps going up and up!! The nerve pain has been the most debilitating for me, through this whole ordeal (2 yrs) is like my body has been plugged into an electrical cord that is skin or body from the waist down is in constant pain (burning, buzz's, stabbing, electrocuted). I am so sensitive to exercise--anything I do my body rebels tenfold! It is even hard to talk on the phone at times. I wonder what I am going to do... I hate my life.

I do have good news:
  1. Jan 12, I visited my ortho doc and he gave me an A+ on the healing of my bones.
  2. The leg braces are off for good (no more foley catheter...I am going to miss it though, now I am going to have to worry about "cathing" on time. "In urinary catheterization, or "cathing" for short".
  3. Body has not rejected the Fosamax (pill) for my bone density.
  4. Able to hit the pool!
  5. Start weight bearing.

My Mom is still here helping me, so much!... fixing food; washing clothes and bedding; house keeping; driving me to my appointments; taking me to the pool; helping me get on and off the total-gym for weight bearing exercise; massaging my legs; and she is great company.

Now, I am able to bend my right knee past 90 degrees! but only bend my left at 55, meaning I cannot ride a bike yet... I gotta keep massaging and stretching the knee constantly in hope to get it to bend. If I cannot bend my knee I won't be able to ride a bike or do knee-squats on the total-gym, which are two great ways to help with strengthening my quads, these muscles help lock my knees to stand or walk. I also have a stand "EasyStand" that just helps me to standup, but because of my stiff knee I cannot get into that either. Kurt has been thinking about building a table that tilts up so I can start standing vertically.

It is definitely back to the drawing board.

Thanks for checking in on me. I love you guys, kelley

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MEF said...

Hey Kelley, who is that other dog with you and Wilbur ??? I got a second dog, her name is grace she looks like a mini biscuit. I miss our drives to Pleasanton. Avos and strawberry are starting up again. I will drop some off soon. Hang in there pal, damn that pain. Always keeping you in my prayers, ME and the B and the G oxoxoox