Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas and Good Tidings to you'all

It's X-Mas Eve... "a time of year to remember those who have touch our lives in so many special ways...You are ALL fondly remembered, cherished and loved today and all year through, and I always wish you good health and happiness for a new year!" For the holiday we are staying close to home. We have great neighbors, Jayne and Allen, and they invited Kurt, Mom and I over for x-mas eve dinner. Tomorrow we are gathering at home for dinner here with my sister Kim and her husband Lance.
I am so lucky my Mom is still here with us, helping me--I love her company--we even managed to find a way to get her little dog "Dudley-the dachshund" down to here from Montana so they can be together. Mom gets me going in the mornings, and right when I awake I start bending my knees for about a half hour, then hang my legs passively off the end of the bed and put the electrical muscle stimulator on both quads for a half hour, then the I kick and pull, kick and pull. Recently I've had a bone density scan that showed ostopinea, one point from osteoporosis, due to not being able to stand or exercise my legs. I am hopeful to reverse this once I am able to stand and rehab. Right now they have me on a drug called Fosomax--a weekly pill that is suppose to help with bone loss, if it doesn't burn my esophagus or make my joints swell or teeth fall out first. Onward and Thank You again for your prayers and good wishes.
May all your Christmas wishes come true!
Love, kelley

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