Friday, April 9, 2010

My Visit w/ Project Walk

Everything went really well in Southern Cal, including the weather! Jody Conners and her Mom Totsy were wonderful hosts welcoming me into their home for the few days I was in town to check out Project Walk's facility. Since Jody has the qualifications needed she is able to go through the program they offer called "Train The Trainer". Jody's real job is teaching history to high School students and will be out of school on the 18th. So we'll begin working together June 21st, first spending a week together with PW showing us how to correctly and safely do the exercises and what all else is needed to help strengthen and grow nerves (through repetitive motion) towards helping me walk again. Also Jody's Mom Totsy invited me to live w/them for the summer. Things are falling into place. Thank you Jody and Totsy! And to you All checking in.
" There are two kinds of dreams. One is a dream that's always going to be just that....A dream. Then there's a dream that's more like a map. A map that you live by and follow religiously, knowing that someday your going to stand on top of that Mountain holding everything you worked for Right There in Your Hand!" ~ R. Cooper
Exercise is my Religion!!...Thanks Ro for the quote :o) kelley

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