Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Leaving MT

It's getting close to pulling chalks...We're all sad to leave "the little house in the woods".

Time Table:
Oct 23 - Leaving Montana

Oct 24 - We'll arrive at Sarah Lee Lawrence's ranch in Terrebonne, Oregon. I am so proud of Sarah Lee. She is a woman who follows her heart, and keeps following it around all the curves, eddies, moving current! Sarah Lee has done so much already with her young life: from rodeo star; college graduate; river guide; building her log home; write her book called " River House"!! ; she also works with soil...yes soil, she has established an organic HUGE garden. She delivers throughout her community. Sarah Lee also ran the Blue Nile with me, and was a carrier of the parasite schistosomiasis...don't worry...after learning about my situation Sarah took the Proziquantel medicine (poison) and is be rid of the malady.

Oct 24 or 25 - I am also hoping to see a good friend Ken Streater and his family, living near Bend, Oregon. A master of many fascinating things!: Firstly, when I met Ken he was a river guide/area manager; then later, husband to Danielle; father to 3 children; Real estate broker w/Benchmark Real Estate Services in Redmond OR; a writer and almost author of the book
"A Gift of Courage"...Ken chose to write a chapter about my struggles and determination during this crazy time. "Thank you so much Ken, I am honored, and with your writings you have given me more courage to keep charging ahead and believing in myself".
I hope to see you and your family on our drive south. I'll be calling you soon. And thank you, thank you, thank you, for offering to drive me south, how sweet is that!!! yeah, I was having such bad nerve pain. But last week Ro, my exercise gal, took off on a 10 day vacation, giving me a huge break with the pain. I'm doing better now these past few days.

Oct 26 - arriving at Sue Norman's house and relaxing with family

Oct 27 - 5-9pm Please come and visit us in South Lake Tahoe!!! Friends and family are welcome to come and visit at Sue Normans house: Google Ponca Drive, South Lake Tahoe, Ca It is the farthest north corner on Ponca...don't know the address just now. You can't miss the cars and my white dodge van with white cargo trailer. Sue's cell 530-400-8999

Hope to see you soon
Be Well, kelle

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