Monday, November 7, 2011

Settled In!

Hi everyone, this post is from Ro. Kelley will not have internet for at least another couple of weeks so she asked me to post an update.

Kelley, Leona, and their precious pups (Wilbur & Dudley) made it all in one piece to the new apartment in Vista. Along the way they were able to visit with good friends at a get together hosted by Sue Norman at her place in S. Lake Tahoe. Kelley was really happy to see everyone.

Then Sue N. drove them the rest of the way from Tahoe to Vista, which gave Kelley much needed rest & recuperation time. Once they arrived at the new apartment, Sue, Caroline Paul, and Jody Conners moved everything in... the original trailer load, as well as a couple more hefty loads from the storage unit! Kelley is so thankful to these wonderful gals.

On Monday, 11/7 Kelley had her first of this winter's sessions at the new Project Walk building. Since she had been gone for several months, the first part of her initial session was a complete re-evaluation. She had been working her tail off all summer, and they were pleased with the strength gains and progress she made in the last few months. After the evaluation they followed with a short workout, and Kelley was still doing ok when I spoke with her a couple of hours afterward.
With the evaluation out of the way, her next session will start her full length kick-butt workouts, and Kelley is determined to make the most of them. As always, pain is a factor and progress is slow...but there IS progress and that's what keeps her going, (along with the love and support of her family and friends).

On a final note, I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kelley this summer and am in awe of her strength, determination, and the brilliant light that emanates from her.
Keep up the good work Kelley!

Love to all of you for your wonderful friendship and support!

PS: For those of you who wrote down of Kelley's new address, please note that minor corrections were made (see top of page).

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