Monday, January 7, 2008

Update, January 7

Kelley is still at UC Davis. She is still very weak, and extremely susceptible to infection and in fact has developed a worsening case of shingles (skin infection). She therefore is still in quarantine, so will not be able to recieve any visitors. She probably is still too weak to deal with phone calls as well, and no doubt has a huge back log of messages on her cell phone.
Her overall condition as far as fatigue and strength after her surgery is improving but she has a ways to go. I'm sorry I have no details to provide as to why these complications are happening. I think it is safe to say that the big picture is that the physical dysfunction that the tranverse myletis has caused has left Kelley very vulnerable to alot of potential complications.

I would like to encourage folks to post a comment to this blog if you want to pass on your thoughts and best wishes to her at this time. I think this would be nice way for kelley to be able to recieve your communications until she is feeling better, and better then clogging her phone and email with messages she just can't cope with right now. Her family could also help with sharing your sentiments with her from this blog as well. It is so frustrating at times like these to feel like there is so little we can do to really help, but I think our prayers and sentiments can actually help in a significant way. So please figure out how to post comments to the blog, and send your positive energy and thoughts her way. Sue


Colleen McDonough said...

So sorry to hear of the additional medical problems. Much light and love to Kelly and Kurt

Tori said...

Recieve the wave of healing energy that is headed your way. When you feel scared and hurting remember to breathe...remember the water. I'm sending you love and hugs. Namaste

Lisa Dearing said...

I am thinking of you every day and sending good energy your way for strength and healing. Please get better soon and know that we are with you in spirit. Sue and I are looking forward to spending some time with you and Wilbur once you are home. Get well soon. We love and miss you.

Lisa D.

Mika said...

...the breeze is mild against your face, the kanu is sliding down the face of the wave...the sun warms you more... Wilbur in his basket behind...your voice is strong as you call the 'huts'.... everyone changes when you say... your voice is strong, your mind is strong, your heart is beating strong, you are with others that are strong like you...we are with you, 6 blades as one...we will finish strong & race another race... you are there for us and we will always be there for you... aloha nui loa

Sorelegs said...

Breath Kelley. Feel the breath fill your body. Hang in there. You are my inspiration.

redbudjanice said...

Hey KK, keep on breathing through this, the sun shall shine through these clouds soon, you will be well again, this too shall pass. Much love, Janice, Todd, Raleigh Sol and Jericho.

Cathy said...

I know that as strong as you are, you will get through this! I will try to see you when I'm back in town!

Cathy "Ellen"

Eileen said...

Kelley, Eileen Sterns here from Oregon, friend of Sue Campbell, and your friend too of course.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a very strong person, and you have many people who love you and are praying for you.

Blessings on you and your family, and may you be restored to your luminous, healthy self.

Take gentle care,


Anonymous said...

hey Kelley,

Ever since I heard you were ill, I make time daily to think of you and send love, strength, a surcease of suffering, and peace. The mental picture of you that has stayed with me over the years is of you standing in just sightly above me out at Julie's place with the mountain a halo of green behind you. Your smile and warmth brighter than all else.

mic harper

Enoch Gordis said...

Hi Kelley,
Enoch and Josh Gordis here. (Enoch visiting Josh in Monterey with Enoch's wife Mary Ellen. We would liked to have stopped by, but saw that it was not a good time).
We think of you often, and have followed the blog. We spent only 11days together on the Tatshenshini last summer but the memory of your skill and kindness is indelible. We are confident in your ability to recover and return to the outdoors you love. Josh's kids, Hannah and Joe, send their good thoughts to you as well.
Enoch and Josh Gordis

bobcarlson said...

hi Kelly!
keep fighting. im sending vibes directly to your immune system
and hope to donate some boards to the next auction.

i might still have the actual flippers you used in the grand canyon,
so somebody ought to pay a bunch for those
love bobo

Ocean said...

We love you Kel, hang in there, you are in our thoughts everyday, we are with you. Thank you friends close by helping Kel. Ronaldo, Jennifer, Summer and Ocean.

Bugsy said...

Sometimes life makes us take 2 steps backwards for one step forwards. One victory at a time...every success is significant no matter how small and no effort is wasted. The Universal Spirit is calling for your strength right now...give it to her...give it to yourself. Fight the sickness. Win.
The Colorado girls are looking forward to seeing your healthy smile.
We love you, KK!!
Bugsy, Dawn and Lisa

Cris Barsanti said...

Dear Kelley,
I continue to pray that your incredibly strong spirit, mind and body will meet your current challenges, as they have met so many challenges in your past. You have my ongoing admiration, love and support. Love, Cris

Laura said...

Kelley -- You are in my mind and in my heart. Wishing you much strength and light as you continue your recovery. There's so much love coming your way -- breathe it in. You are one of a kind. xo LB

Heather Brooks Freer said...

Hi Kelley,

So much love heading your way from Lotus and Coloma! Your name was on many a tongue this weekend and you are of course always in our thoughts. We were by the river taking photos of all the kids, and everyone was asking after you and Kurt, thinking of you with so much love in their hearts. So much love from hearts of all sizes! xoxoxoox
Heather, Tom, Jordan and Sawyerw

kimrieff said...

Inger and I are praying for your recovery and sending you healing light your way. We love you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelley,

I continue to follow your progress with the excellent communications from Sue and others...thinking about you and what you must be going and prayers for you are constantly in our thoughts at Zephyr...

Bob Ferguson