Monday, January 21, 2008

Update, January 21

Visited with Kelley a couple of days over the weekend. Things are still pretty rough for her. The nerve and spasticity pain are as bad as its ever been and maybe even a little worse (gets up to an 8 or 9 sometimes). Possibly in response to the additional trauma her body has recieved from her recent surgery, but no explanation is offered by the Docs. She is still in the hospital primarily because of a general infection in her lower abdomen in response to the surgery, and is currently on antibiotics. This is not an entirely unexpected response, and not a great cause of concern to them at this point, but needs to be resolved before she can leave. They also want to try and get her pain management under better control before she is released. I got a little lost when Kelley explained the experimentation they are doing with the meds, but suffice it to say they are trying to get a handle on it. So no scheduled release at this point. She has her good moments when the meds are working, but some really awful times in between. Obviously this is still very draining and exhausting for her. She is recieving regular visits from Kurt, her family, and her core support group, and it is a comfort to her (and for us frankly as well). As hard as it is to witness her suffering, it is also reassuring to see her strength and stamina of spirit that will get her to the other side of this. The blog response has been great, for those of you who have not blogged yet, please feel free to keep adding. It will still be awhile before she can handle other forms of communication to any degree I think, and the blog is something she can visit more then once ....... so keep those healing energy currents and waves flowing to her and her courageous family (Kurt, Kim and Leona)



Jonas Minton said...

Kelley, Today it is wet and cold outside so everyone is staying indoors. You are not missing anyting weather wise. But soon it will be warm and beautiful. And we know that you will be outside enjoying the Spring.

We think about you every day!!!

Jonas and Julie

Jackie said...

Hi Kelley,
We send our love and healing thoughts from Santa Cruz. Ditto on the cold and rain here as well, a time for rest and reflection for us, we are sending our love your way! Hope you get through this tough patch soon!

Jackie & Barb

Mary Ellen said...

Kelley, you are grace under fire and my hero. Close your eyes and feel the blanket of love your friends are sending you. Is Wilbur in the bed next to yours ??? Thanks for the updates Sue. I would be too tempted to call/email.
Love Mary Ellen and the Biscuit

shay said...

Kelly, Ive been following your trials and tribulations and am so hoping you get some relief soon. My thoughts and prayers are with you. You are a strong and positive woman and this will pass. Hang in there, one day all of this will just be a bad memory. Im sending lots of GET WELL thoughts! Love you Shay and Bob(the dog)