Saturday, January 12, 2008


Kelley is still at UC Davis. She is continuing to improve, as far as her recovery from her emergency colon repair surgery, and the complications with skin infection, and strength and energy level. She will still need to stay at Davis for awhile until they are sure her risk of post surgery infection can be be managed at home . The other good piece of news is that her most recent MRI shows that the lesions in her spine (cervical/thoracic) have reduced in size. Still to be seen what continued improvement will be gained in motor function. There is some troubling news, in that a couple of lesions have shown up on her most recent brain scan. More testing and monitoring will need to be done to determine the significance of that.

There is still alot that is not "known' about Kelley's condition, and causes of things that are happening to her, and prognosis for long term recovery. As more certainty is gained about these things, they will be shared on this Blog. She still is unable to recieve visitors, and does not have energy to deal with phone calls or emails. It is likely to be that way for awhile, so again, please post a comment to the previous post if you want to send your thoughts and best wishes at this time. It does help her to recieve your energy in this way, that does not take energy from her.



caroline said...

Thinking of you, Kelley. xx

Brooke Winger said...

Hey KK! Sure was great seeing you and your wonderful Mom over Christmas. Ren sends lots of licks and snuggles. We love you Kelley!
Brooke, Andy and Reni

Letty Litchfield said...

I keep you in my thoughts and prayers daily.

camy allen said...


We wanted you to know that we're thinking of you always and praying for you! We wish we could be there to see you, Leona and Kim. Keep fighting hard and being strong and you will get through this. We love you! Camy, Russ, Scout & Saylor

jib ellison said...

dearest kelley,
we send you healing love and energy. I imagine this to be the most challenging and continuous class v ever and look forward to a calm eddy on a beautiful river to celebrate your successful run... hang tight. you have so many people that love you and are rooting for you.
jib, marci, skye

Darrin said...

Hi K.K.
Good morning. My wife and son are still asleep. The coffee is working and I am reading all the kind posts to your blog; they bring to me flash floods of memories and remind of how very special you are.

Do you remember our first time on the water? It must have been '91 and the Merced was in the trees. "Who is this lady?" I wondered as my one hand strained to hold onto the skinny willow and my other to the well-worn stern-line. "SHiT", I thought, "How are we going to get all these guests out of this cold river?" Frank's Folly was born. I told myself, "She's Wonderwoman; gorgous, strong, smart, kind..." Like a movie in fastforward the superhero scooped-up floundering tourists by thier lifejackets. I could only gawk, slack-jawed in amazement as she swam, climbed, chuckled, and comforted while she dragged people to safety. In a flash everyone one was on shore.

The family is awake and the coffee is working on other parts of me now.. gotta run. Kelly, you are Wonderwoman; gorgous, strong, smart, kind...
Thinking of you often,

Darrin said...

Getting ready for the noontime meditation, yesterday, I scraped together some photos to help set the mood. Good stuff; disco seemed to be the theme.

Old-days at my Julie's house in Sonora... a Disco party.

AK Disco... with glaciers, ice-burgs, cotton, rubber,and Extra-tuffs, northern lights, glacier-milk river, Devil's club, trash-fires, VE-25's.

Peace of mind and body. You are loved.