Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 26 Update

Had a good conversation with Kelley this past weekend, and she shared some encouraging news. She was able to move a couple of her toes, while concentrating on it. I know it isn't much but we are hopeful it is just the start of a trickle of sand that will continue to gain momentum. This week she is also scheduled to start her first water therapy session, first at the physical therapy clinic, and then later in the week, with a couple of friends at 24 hour fitness. The pain is still her regular unwanted companion, but she does feel it is reducing in intensity. At any rate she is encouraged by these positive events and looking forward to moving to another level in her physical therapy. Sue


Sorelegs said...

Yeah Kelley moving toes!!! It is the little things that are so huge. Keep up the good work.
I love you KK and am thinking of you all the time. Get better sister, get better.

ronaldo said...

Hey Kel , thinking of you. Last night at sunset, Jenny, Summer and I paddled out to surf and a mom and whale calf were so close that we paddled out to them. Then I thought of you and had this feeling that I wanted so bad for all my friends and family to be healthy and well. Ocean was at shore watching us and yelling at the whales. We love you, thinking of you and hoping to get you back the islands for a swim in the ocean. Aloha, Macedo's.

ritz wood said...

Tena koe Kelley

Am sending you healing thoughts from New Zealand!
Great news about those toes!
You go girrrrl !!!

Am heading to the South Island in a few days - will think of you, especially when I see those rivers and rapids.
Kia kaha (be strong)


Bob Greer said...

Hello KK. I hope you are doing better every day. There are a lot of rivers I still need to do with you.

Get well soon dear KK.

Bob "Grizzly" Greer

(If you forgot me, we did the Sheenjek in 2002. And I helped you with the script for Merryl's into.)

No!... Not Bert, or Roger!
...Bob. We were the last to leave the lake in Andy's plane.

Be well dear KK!

Bugsy said...

I've been thinking about you a lot lately, Kel! This week, I was skiing in the backcountry and thinking about what a beautiful and amazing woman you are. I took a deep breath, squoze my eyes shut, thought of you, and busted up the mountain like a 4 wheel drive truck, asking the powers that be to give you all the strength I had. I was tired at the top...did it come your way? Ha! We'll keep trying, girlie.
Love you!! Bugsy

Ken Streater said...


I think of you often and follow your progress via this website. We are all pulling for you. Woke up this morning to a beautiful moonset over the mountains, was reminded of the spirit all around us, and asked that it shine its light especially on you.

Wishing you well,

Ken Streater