Monday, June 14, 2010

Kurt & Wilbur driving the U-Haul

This morning Mom and I drove to Missoula to pick up Kurt at the airport, then stopped by the gas station/tire shop to rent the U-haul...most of the exercise equipment and gear was loaded up before the days end and it looks like we'll be heading out tomorrow morning. I'll miss it here, my Mom and the beautiful calm open country, Ro and her unconditional help and of course Dudley (mom's doxie dog).....But I'm also looking forward, to the ocean sea breeze in Dana Point and Carlsbad area, and starting Project Walk & learning a some more tricks to get my legs moving more. Thank You Kurt for taking time off work and coming up to help me move :O)!! love, kelley


Lisa Patton said...

Hey Kelley- thinkin' of you on yur travels, we all hope you continue your walking down in Southern Cal- you can do it!

Lisa, Tommy and "Daryn" (hi Wilbur)

Janet Debret Maineri said...

Hi Kelley, I'm picturing you walking down there and thinking of you....I love you, Janet